What is inteGREAT4TFS?

inteGREAT4TFS is a requirement management software application that has six modules, Simulation4TFS, Traceability4TFS, ReviewManagement4TFS, Use Case Editor4TFS, Baseline4TFS and SmartOffice Library. This web based application helps the user to manage project requirements visually, view & create traceability files and present them in a team project. Moreover, it allows the user to create, edit, view and compare baselines. It provides a platform to host company data and present it in a way that would make it more accessible and effective to all users across an organization. It is a requirement management tool that extends the visualization, auditing and reporting capabilities of TFS/VSTS.

Latest Release: inteGREAT4TFS v2017 update 3

Updated Features

  • Impact Analyzer: Determine impact of work item changes
  • Landing Page: Users can now view basic details of every module while standing on a root folder.
  • Baseline4TFS: Users can now generate a detailed baseline report using SmartWord4TFS.
  • TraceAnalysis4TFS: Users can filter out data by setting operator value against each Area and Iteration path values.
  • ReviewManagement4TFS: Review Initiator can now send the reminder email to all its approvers and stakeholders who are left to provide their response on review.