What is SmartOffice4TFS?

SmartOffice4TFS, is a simple yet powerful set of plug-ins for Microsoft Office. It is the foundational component of our requirements management tool suite that helps development teams to be more efficient when creating TFS work items from within Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Visio diagrams and Microsoft Outlook e-mails. Moreover, users can generate traceability matrices from Microsoft Excel.

How does SmartOffice4TFS work?

SmartOffice4TFS enables vast options for development teams for requirements gathering and creation of software specs using familiar Microsoft products, and connecting those documents to the projects they define.

SmartOffice4TFS suite comes with one copy of SmartWord4TFS, SmartVisio4TFS, SmartExcel4TFS and SmartOutlook4TFS.

Here are the features and benefits of MS Office plug-ins included in SmartOffice4TFS suite.