What is SmartOutlook4TFS?

SmartOutlook4TFS is a Microsoft Outlook plug-in that can easily convert emails, meetings and tasks to Work Items and organise them using Outlook views.

How does SmartOutlook4TFS work?

SmartOutlook4TFS equips Outlook with the fundamental Work Item tracking tools of TFS. Create, edit, view and organise your Work Items, all from within the familiar surroundings of Outlook.

It integrates emails and Work Items with each other. Create new Work Items from an email or attach mail to Work Items.

SmartOutlook4TFS encompasses the powerful organizational and grouping capabilities of Outlook to your TFS project. It provides access to your project queries and work items directly from within Outlook.

Seamlessly integrate Outlook with Visual Studio TFS using SmartOutlook4TFS.