They recognize us, recognizing you.

How our team recognizes your unique needs

Here at Modern Requirements, our aim is to offer your team all of the essential tools to effectively manage projects!

Our team is constantly growing, learning, adapting to, and facilitating your team’s unique needs.
With our dedication to customer focused Research and Development, our team is building our application with your feedback at the forefront!

We are constantly contributing to our clients’ growth, and view ourselves as an essential building block in the ALM process.

It is this attitude, and our outstanding track record, that has earned us the following industry recognitions:

For current Gartner clients, you can find us in the following Gartner publications!

  • Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning tools, April 2017
  • Market Trends: DevOps — Not a Market, but a Tool-Centric Philosophy That Supports a Continuous Delivery Value Chain-October 2016
  • Hype Cycle for Application Development, July 2016
  • Market Guide for Software Requirements Definition and Management solutions -June 2016
  • Avoid failure by Developing a toolchain That Enables DevOps-March 2016

For current Forrester clients, you can find us in the following Forrester publications!

  • Best Practices for Tackling New Dev Challenges with Requirements Management – July 2018
  • Agile Requirement Management Tools Q2 2018 – May 22, 2018
  • TechRadar: Modern Requirements Management Tools Q2 2016
  • Vendor Landscape: Agile Requirements Management- July 2016

For current Seilevel clients, you can find us in the following Seilevel publications!

  • Requirements Management Tool Evaluation Report – 2016

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