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Three high-impact reasons to extend Azure DevOps Server for requirements management

Millions of users across the biggest organizations worldwide rely on the capabilities of Microsoft’s Azure DevOps Server (TFS) every day to define and deliver their products to market.
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The Art of Agile Requirements Management

Requirements management has slowly but surely become one of the most essential and critical aspects of any project lifecycle.
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Requirements Management Made Simple

We traditionally approach Documents, Diagrams and Mockups as a means to draw requirements out – we use them as an elicitation tool.
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Requirements Management for Medical Devices

Requirements management is arguably more important in the medical devices industry than in any other space – it could mean the difference between life and death for vulnerable patients who depend on medical equipment to live.
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Modern Requirements4TFS is now Modern Requirements4DevOps!

Our team is incredibly pleased to announce that our flagship product, Modern Requirements4TFS, has been rebranded to Modern Requirements4DevOps!
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Modern Requirements4DevOps with Azure DevOps!

Seamlessly integrated, Modern Requirements extends the platform to include a full-featured set of professional requirements management tools.
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40% reduction in compliance reporting efforts

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