Document your Project with inteGREAT

Document your Project with inteGREAT

inteGREAT, a Modern Requirements Lifecycle platform, offers an extensive framework of project documents furnishing all the needs of project stakeholders. inteGREAT comes with a built-in library of documents along with the feature to create on-demand customized documents; enabling users to easily modify the document style and content according to their needs. All these documents are auto-generated by inteGREAT and can be published to a central document repository (SharePoint); thereby reducing the overall project cost and improving application quality.

inteGREAT supports various application development methodologies including traditional methods, agile processes, customized and hybrid methodologies. Similarly, inteGREAT offers specialized documents and reports with respect to every phase of the development methodology adopted by the organization.

Following are the details of built-in project documents, divided based on the specific development phase. Users can alter these documents by customizing them according to their need or they can simply create new ones to fulfill their requirements. All these documents can be auto-generated from inteGREAT and later published on SharePoint for review and collaboration; thereby minimizing cost and time for document creation and management.

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