Microsoft continues on application lifecycle management projects

Microsoft continues on application lifecycle management projects

Application development and management are becoming two of the more common functions of the modern IT department, especially as organizations push to capture the benefits of mobility. As many technology professionals already know, application lifecycle management is firmly rooted in the ability to integrate new software with existing IT frameworks and tools, specifically the more common office utilities used for communication.

When it comes to the Microsoft Office suite, many applications that are being developed and deployed in the modern workplace can benefit from seamless integration with Excel, Word and Visio. Microsoft has taken several strides to transform its solutions, including through the launch of the Team Foundation Server, in light of the evolutions that are taking place in the average office.

New Microsoft announcement
Visual Studio Magazine recently reported that Microsoft has released a second update to its Azure DevOps Server, although this will not act as the final version of Visual Studio 2013. The source stated that Brian Harry, a Microsoft Technical Fellow, blogged about the specifications of the update to ensure that individuals impacted understand why the Azure DevOps Server update is being released separately from the finalized Visual Studio 2013 version.

“It’s weird that we RTMed Azure DevOps Server Update to but only RCed VS Update 2,” Harry explained, according to the news provider. “We generally work hard to RTM them at the same time. This time we couldn’t. The reason had to do with some hard dates with regard to VS Online and on-premises Azure DevOps Server compatibility with it.”

Visual Studio Magazine went on to note that new testing and monitoring tools are included in the Azure DevOps Server update, all of which will be firmly rooted in the Applications Insights technology that first hit the market in November 2013. Finally, the source noted that coded user interface testing, along with enhanced application performance and usage assessment propagation, will also be a focus of the new update.

How good is it?
TechCrunch reported that the newest version of Azure DevOps Server comes with a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, while it already has roughly 1 million users. The news provider stated that this high number of users represents massive growth in a relatively short period of time, as it is roughly triple the volume that existed only a few months in the past.

By keeping up with these Azure DevOps Server updates, businesses will be better positioned to manage applications throughout the lifecycle that are connected to the Microsoft Office suite.

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