Smart Word4DevOps New Features in Version 4.0

Smart Word4DevOps New Features in Version 4.0

Smart Word4DevOps v4 has several new feature enhancements that were requested by our customers. In additional to bug fixes, performance improvement and minor upgrades here are the enhancements in v4.

  1. Support for test case and shared steps work item steps support.
  2. Select work item publish and refresh
  3. Insert Query optimization: At cursor location and only query block insertion
  4. All links tab support for choosing link types when creating linked work items
  5. Hyperlink and video link support in rich text field
  6. Table support enhancements in rich text field

Top three items are elaborated below.

Test Case Step Support

Users can now author test case with steps as well report on them.

Test case and Shared steps work items’ ‘Steps’ field is a show as a table in a rich text field with columns for Action and Expected Results. Use tab or insert row to add additional rows.

Queries, Insert Smart Part, Get Work Item, Refresh and Publish are all supported.

To call a shared step in the test case step enter the following text in the action column “Shared Steps: ###” where ### is the Share Steps WI ID.

Selected Work Item Publishing and Refreshing

Now you can select one of more work item and select ‘Refresh/Refresh Selected’ or ‘Publish/Published Selected’ to only publish/refresh those selected work items.

Insert Query Optimization

Now when you insert Query you will be given this dialog box:

There are two checkboxes available:

Insert at cursor position – will insert the query where the at the current cursor location. Previously the query was always inserted at the bottom.

Insert query block only – will insert the query block but will not run the query. The query block will be populated when refresh is selected. This is particularly helpful when creating Smart Templates.

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