Customer Case Study

Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4TFS) customers have achieved 50% requirements productivity improvement, 80% time
saving on creating Trace Analysis, 50% UAT effort reduction, 40% reduction in compliance
reporting efforts and significant reduction in approval delays

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Win Results

Traceability reporting

Saved hundreds of hours per project by eliminating “mind numbing” manual efforts.

Project baselines

Enabled them to easily see what has changed from one release or branch to another

Word reporting

Eliminated many hours per project of cutting and pasting to Word from Azure DevOps Server (TFS) and vice versa.

Varian developed a new ADLM process, based on Azure DevOps Server (TFS)

Operating in a regulated industry, they had stringent record-keeping and reporting needs that they needed to automate by introducing a leaner process. They discovered Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4TFS) through the Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise benefit program. They redeemed their benefit for over 400 licenses for their global team, and purchased premium support from Modern Requirements. Varian worked with Modern Requirements to ensure that the tool had all the capabilities needed to automate and validate their process, and are deploying it globally.

Define and Manage Requirements