Data management, ALM becoming more intertwined

Data management, ALM becoming more intertwined

Information governance has been one of the hottest topics of discussion among business leaders, IT professionals and public sector officials, while application lifecycle management is likewise becoming intrinsically linked to performance improvements in the average working facility. As such, application developers are now expected to have a strong handle on data management best practices by their supervisors, which is driving demand for relevant, integrated solutions.

Silicon Angle recently reported that a new trend currently taking off in the private sector is demand for hybrid data scientist-application developer employees that can wear a wealth of hats on any given weekday. Regardless of a company’s approach to data management, the use of analytics tools has spread to myriad of departments, and are especially important in terms of ALM oversight and optimization.

According to the news provider, while more IT professionals are gaining significant acumen in both of these areas, enterprises have not yet widely recognized the need for enhanced training to ensure proper practices among the application developers who are tasked with these duties. As always, failure to prepare staff members for the challenges they will face will rarely yield efficient completion of projects.

The source explained that the most common area where businesses are working to combine information analysis and application development is in the creation of analytics software by in-house staff members. These applications will generally be extremely complex, which could strain the development team.

However, using Smart Office4DevOps by eDev can have profoundly positive impacts on the ALM strategy, especially when the projects are particularly complex and data-oriented. With tools to streamline requirements management and record-keeping while also strengthening the accuracy of the related communications to senior executives, Smart Office4DevOps is a formidable option for development teams.

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