Modern Requirements4TFS is now Modern Requirements4DevOps! Learn More >

Modern Requirements4TFS is now Modern Requirements4DevOps
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Trusted by the world’s leading healthcare & medical device companies

Reliability, safety, security and quality-control factors drive the success, and contribute to the reputation of companies in this segment. With their landscapes further complicated by evolving regulations and compliance, these organizations rely on proven technologies to develop their products and services.

Modern Requirements4DevOps is used by leading healthcare and
medical device organizations all over the globe

Make better decisions

Guide and adjust your project with confidence by using the visibility, insight, and direction provided by our Requirements Management solutions.

Built upon a single a source of truth model, our uniquely designed tools allow your team to build, share, manage, and analyze information in a single environment!

View our Traceability module to see how easily visualizing requirements information can help you confidently make better decisions today!

Collaborate Effectively

Here at Modern Requirements we pride ourselves on applications that provide unprecedented levels of collaboration.

Our comprehensive suite of tools is designed to foster an interdisciplinary atmosphere wherein clients, teams, Stakeholders, and IT teams can review, discuss, and innovate together.

Using our rich, collaborative tools allows you to keep discussions, comments, and approvals in a single database for easy future reference!

View our Review module and see how you can easily adjust review workflows to fit the type and size of a project at hand!

Achieve, maintain, and prove compliance

Achieve, maintain, and prove compliance
By designing our tools with industry leading standards in mind, we offer companies a simple approach to remaining FDA and HIPPA compliant!

Using the traceability features provided by Modern Requirements, your team can easily meet standards such as: ISO 14971 (Risk Management), ISO 13485 (Quality Management) and 21 CFR Part 11 (Controls and Audit trails)!

Specific capabilities built directly into our Requirements Management solutions include: end-to-end traceability, managing the impact of change, verification and validation design, reviews and approvals with e-signatures and risk analysis!

View our features page today to view how our comprehensive tools can provide you with the tools to remain efficient and compliant today!

Reduce costs and increase speed to compete

Reduce costs and increase speed to compete
With solutions offered by Modern Requirements your organization will benefit from fewer defects, less rework, and improved time to market through the process of automation provided.

We enable both business and IT stakeholders to share a deeper understanding of requirements, helping both parties stay aligned with their corporate objectives!

Define and Manage Requirements

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