Inside the ALM popularity explosion

Inside the ALM popularity explosion

Application lifecycle management has become a relatively common practice among businesses, especially when compared to the low popularity of these functions only a few years ago. Organizations have experienced a significant increase in the need for customized, highly tailored and entirely amiable pieces of software for a variety of their corporate operations, and ALM, along with application development, stands as the best path to travel for these objectives.

A couple of decades ago, had internal software development been as high in demand as it stands today, enterprises would likely struggle to get a handle on some of the core processes and practices that must be understood for successful completion of projects. Now, there are helpful tools that range from platforms which can be used to house applications to specialized solutions which streamline requirements management, making effective development a more feasible pursuit for a wider range of organizations.

Understanding the trend
Tech Radar recently interviewed Karen Padir, the chief technology officer of Progress Software, regarding the latest explosion of application development and lifecycle management projects in the private and public sectors. The source explained that the expert believes even good packaged software will tend to yield some demands for customization among corporate users, especially considering the diversity of objectives seen when looking across many companies.

She also pointed to the need for speedy and effective deployments, which tend to move more quickly than only a few years ago.

“The most important tools are the ones that are going to allow you to get your product to market quickly and make changes, enhancements or fixes – and then redeploy quickly,” Padir told the source. “Long gone are the 12-18 month developer release cycles. Now, you must manage the notion of a ‘perpetual beta,’ with multiple releases over a period of months – sometimes even more than one release a month.”

Other critical tools
Businesses cannot overlook the importance of requirements management when first launching a new application development or lifecycle management strategy, as this component will be one of the more common catalysts for failure or success in these projects. Smart Office4DevOps can quickly transform the requirements management aspects of ALM and development on a large scale, integrating with the highly popular Microsoft Office Suite and Team Foundation Server for maximum efficiency and accuracy in reporting.

Do not hesitate to empower your project teams with the tools they need.

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