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Modern Requirements4TFS is your single, complete solution for requirements elicitation, authoring, and analysis!

Our feature-rich modules are uniquely designed to make your requirements management process both more effective, and more efficient!

Diagramming, Document and Report creation, Trace Analysis, Use Case and Mockup creation, Automatic Test Case and User Story generation, features to Analyze your content and so much more!

Modern Requirement4TFS is built directly into Microsoft’s world-leading ALM platforms! Request a demo today and see how our solutions can be implemented on-site Team Foundation Server or in the cloud with Visual Studio Team Services.


Smart Docs

Meet our unique document-style requirements authoring tool!

Prepare Introductions and Glossaries alongside lower-level requirements for a full context view of your requirements content! Create fully integrated and structured requirements content from a familiar Word-like view.


Trace Analysis

Ensure that your requirements have full coverage using Requirements Traceability Matrices!

Create Traceability matrices in minutes that never go out of date. Stay on top of your requirements coverage, and stay in control using either our Intersection Matrix or Horizontal Matrix solutions.


Capture requirements as a baseline for easy future comparison!

Take a snapshot of your requirements and gain valuable insights into how requirements change over the course of a project. Create change reports and ask for reviews directly from the module



A diagramming solution fully integrated with your Requirements Management process!

Automatically generate Use Cases and Test Cases simply by creating your Diagram within our module. With provided stencils and an intuitive positioning guide, let us help you integrate Diagrams fully into your requirements authoring process.

Alice (BA Assistant)

Meet the first of our AI-inspired requirements elicitation tools!

Author content through Alice’s question-and-answer framework to build fully structured requirements hierarchies without ever touching your mouse!


Review Management

Boost collaboration with your Stakeholders with a simple to use Review Request!

Generate easy to access reviews for approval and email them directly to your stakeholders. Gain valuable feedback or direct approval with our easy to use collaboration tool. E-signature support for approval is already built in!

Use Case

Watch as your textual requirements automatically convert into comprehensive flow diagrams!

Simply type out your Use Case to automatically generate requirement flow diagrams that can be linked directly to your requirements. View the live preview for verification that your Use Case steps are correct, and Analyze scenarios you have just created!



Use HTML and Javascript controls to design high-fidelity wireframes and interfaces directly online!

Organize your ideas by creating rich visual mockups. See full transitions, navigate through pages and create requirements directly within your design process. With quick access to reporting tools, sharing mock ups with stakeholders couldn’t be easier!

Impact Analyzer

Use the impact analyzer from almost anywhere and view requirements in a mind map view to perform your impact assessments.

Visually view linked information and easily identify dependences or gaps before making a change, calculate and create a list of impacted items and efforts required.


Smart Reporting

Generate fully customizable reports from any module!

Our Smart Reporting tool removes any disruption from your workflow by enabling you to generate and build reports from every screen. Easily customizable with rich content, Smart Report makes presenting your requirements in PDF and Word format simpler than ever.


Easily design and generate business requirements documents using static and dynamic content!

Create reusable, custom reporting templates that allow you to insert company logos, cover pages, introductory text and more. Fill out your content with access to queries and rich text formatting to experience full control over the style and function of your reports.



Let your answers to specification questions create your requirements content for you!

By providing answers to up to 2500 questions on topics ranging from Accessibility to Scalability, our FAQ feature will create Work Items directly into your Backlog. Miss nothing by answering questions in one of our 19 templates or create your own!

Smart Note

This is a new module added to Modern Requirements4TFS Suite. It’s ideal for users who need to take quick notes whether they’re gathering requirements or demoing to a client. As such, this information is usually captured in a raw format and needs to be analyzed and documented for client reviews. Smart Note enables users to manage informal documents similar to the way Microsoft OneNote enables them to. This means you can record your meeting minutes and brainstorming sessions, among other things. Users can shape their thoughts and ideas, type and take notes anywhere on the page, add tags and make checklists and to-do lists. They can also share notes with other stakeholders via email.


Custom ID

Custom ID is a component which enables user to set/assign a customize ID to a TFS WorkItem. User can configure a required field along with required formatting for Custom ID.

Usually corporations and enterprises has their own standard IDs. For different projects, different formats representing their type and project name are considered in assigning IDs. Custom ID can take care of all your needs regarding customization for IDs.

Dirty Flag

Eliminate surprises and costly rework by configuring a Dirty Flag as part of your process!

Let our Dirty Flag feature keep your team and stakeholders up to date on changes that matter to them! Heavily configurable, the Dirty Flag feature will notify you about the changes you care about.


MR Mail

MR Mail service helps user to instantiate requirements or discussion in TFS from email. Most of the times requirements or important discussion regarding an existing requirement are performed on emails.

MR Mail manages all replies in WorkItem discussion field, so user can get complete details, reviews and feedback on that requirement at the same place.

Sync Bridges

Our partnership with two industry leaders in Sync Bridge technology lets your team synchronize requirements data over dozens of ALM ecosystems! Sync Bridges allow you to connect your Modern Requirements content seamlessly with other build tools imperative to your process!

Sync your content either unidirectionally or bidirectionally, and feel the simplicity of maintaining a unified workflow over multiple platforms!



Visually Collaborate

Sharing your thoughts and plans visually will allow you to illustrate complex ideas in dynamic ways. Visuals grab and engage attention, increase credibility in our messages and are much more flexible than verbal or textual communication. In doing this your audience will view information with more clarity and this will help avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

Improve Change Management

Save time and improve estimates by predicting consequences and disruptions that may be caused by change requests. Identify potential consequences of a change and estimate modifications and level of effort required to accomplish change before implementing them.

Improve Scope Management

Baselining is essential for managing project change, as the whole scope of what is being developed, along with schedule and costs for project completion. By creating a benchmark you can evaluate change requests and actual results to ensure work completed aligns with what was scheduled and agreed to. Baselines are also heavily used and relied upon in compliant industries for auditability.

Improve Project Quality

Easily track relationships between requirements, test cases and release plans. Track requirements from their conception through to delivery, prioritize team time more effectively and reduce wastage of precious resources on non-priority items.

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