Alice (BA Assistant)

Alice is the first in a series of AI-inspired tools in the Modern Requirements family. It’s a cognitive business analyst assistant that enables you to elicit requirements automatically through a logically structured question hierarchy.



Elicit requirements effortlessly

Obtain requirements through text-to-voice or voice-to-text interactions with your device.

Easy customization

Customize and design industry-specific questionnaires whether you work in banking, insurance or health.

Publish on the go

Automatically create a backlog from your chat conversation and publish directly to VSTS/TFS

Synchronized editing

Modify and delete directly from chat sessions and resume editing from any place.

Automatic extraction

Extract scenarios automatically and provide context using your existing conversation flow.


Chat & extract

Extract requirements during interactive conversations so you don’t have to multitask and copy-paste.


Analysts who are new or inexperienced with the subject matter have no problem with navigation. It’s also packed with a range of granular functionalities for experienced analysts.

Wide industry compatibility

Work in Alice regardless of the industry you’re in: the system ships with conversation templates for each popular methodology, including Agile, Scrum, CMMI (Waterfall) and BABOK (Hybrid).

Enables fine-grained storage

Enjoy a casual way of eliciting requirements by storing only the required and appropriate data to TFS for management.

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