Elicit and define requirements using a list of pre-defined questions. Use out of the box templates for specific specifications or create your own templates with your own questions.
As you answer the questions, you can create your requirement work items thereby ensuring that you’re not missing any important requirements that need to be considered.



Create Questionnaire

Use one of a series of existing pre-defined questionnaires, with over 2,000 prepopulated questions, to aid in your requirements definition process or create your own questionnaires.

Import/Export Questions

Add questions to any template or remove questions. Create your own list and save it as a custom template that can be used for future elicitation.

Elicit Responses

Navigate the questionnaire to elicit responses and create new requirement work items directly in the questionnaire. See your responses and spot questions that are yet to be answered.

Add Descriptions

When creating templates, you can open questions to add additional information such as a description or purpose for the question, or a business rule.


Improves Project Quality

Helps users define and elicit requirements accurately and consistently. Users can ensure they’re not missing any important details and can easily track their questionnaire progress.

Promotes a Repeatable Process

Gives organizations the ability to create reusable questionnaires by specification. Companies can create custom questionnaires by specification type, business rules or other.

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