Traceability Matrices

When it comes to requirements tracking software we offer the best in class. Avoid conflicting and outdated requirements by using comprehensive configuration settings in our requirements traceability tools to define and automatically generate traceability matrices.

View complete requirements coverage in a horizontal view or intersectional format. And easily plan, track and analyze project quality and completeness using our requirement tracking software.



View requirements coverage

Easily configure and use the intersection-traceability matrix output to visually view relationships between any two work item types.

Add missing links or break links

Create or remove work item links rapidly when viewing an intersection matrix. Define link types and establish any relationship type between work items.

Decomposition matrix

View work item relationships in a horizontal type view, configure custom traceability matrices to view work item relationships, properties and link types via user-defined configuration.

Export to Excel and manage records

Use the folder and sub folder-hierarchy to store and manage your matrices. You can also export them to Excel and share them with stakeholders at any time.


Improves project quality

Easily track relationships between requirements, test cases and release plans. Track requirements from their conception through to delivery, prioritize team time more effectively and reduce waste of precious resources on non-priority items.

Boosts productivity

Eliminates manual effort and time required to create and maintain traceability matrices. The system uses simple, user-defined configuration to populate and display information.

Provides visible requirements coverage

Enables analysts to easily identify missing and disconnected requirements, analyze coverage, gaps and keep track of project status.

Improves scope management

Analysts can leverage these matrices to assess and analyze change requests. Users can identify missing requirements earlier and ensure required coverage is present to fulfill a scope prior to development.

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