• Elicit requirements using Alice – BA Assistant BOT.
  • Configure Alice with your custom elicitation scripts.
  • Create backlog based on chat with Alice.

Chat & Extract

Extract requirements during interactive conversations so you don’t have to multitask and copy-paste.

Wide Industry Compatibility

Work in Alice regardless of the industry you’re in: the system ships with conversation templates for each popular methodology, including Agile, Scrum, CMMI (Waterfall) and BABOK (Hybrid).

Enables Fine-Grained Storage

Enjoy a casual way of eliciting requirements by storing only the required and appropriate data to Azure DevOps for management.


Analysts who are new or inexperienced with the subject matter have no problem with navigation. It’s also packed with a range of granular functionalities for experienced analysts.

Elicit Requirements Effortlessly

Obtain requirements through text-to-voice or voice-to-text interactions with your device.

Publish On the Go

Automatically create a backlog from your chat conversation and publish directly to Azure DevOps.

Automatic Extraction

Extract scenarios automatically and provide context using your existing conversation flow.

Easy Customization

Customize and design industry-specific questionnaires whether you work in banking, insurance or health.

Synchronized Editing

Modify and delete directly from chat sessions and resume editing from any place.

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