• Create Baselines to easily see how requirements once were and asses how they have changed!
  • Compare Baselines to quickly identify differences between how Work Items after they change!
  • Discover the portability of Requirements by taking Baselines with you across different Projects!
  • Feel the control of the full arsenal of Work Item Version Management tools!

Manage Project Scope

Users can baseline a project once business signoff has been received, and then create additional baselines if and when the requirements change.

Promote Requirements Reuse

Certain types of requirements lend themselves to reuse in many projects; nonfunctional requirements are an example of this. Users can store these types of requirements centrally in an “enterprise project” and then access that project, copy the reusable work items and include them in a new project.

Manage Release Planning

Users can create a baseline of a project at the conclusion of a release or iteration. Any work items that have not been completed in the iteration can be selected and copied to the next release or iteration.

Comply to Regulators’ Reporting Requirements

Industry regulators force companies to ensure that the state of a project, and its corresponding work items, can clearly be reported on at key milestones within the product’s lifecycle.

Create Baselines

Connect to any Azure DevOps team project and create user-defined baselines. Create folders or sub folders to manage baselines, label them and enter descriptions.

Compare Baselines

Compare any baseline to its current state in Azure DevOps and easily identify changed, added or removed work items.

Copy and Reuse

Use any baseline to copy work item information from one project to another. Create a library of reusable specifications and use them across projects.

Compare Work Item Revisions

Compare individual work item revisions from any baseline and view changes located in the baseline panel, with changes shown in a redline view.

Generate a Difference Report

Automatically generate a Word-formatted detailed difference report or summary report of the changes between any two baselines.

Generate Smart Reports

Auto-generate HTML reports directly from the baseline view and export the information as a Word or PDF file to share them with stakeholders.

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