• Quit making Documents and Requirements separately!
  • Use our Smart Docs to create Azure DevOps Requirements using a Word-like interface!
  • Easily drag and drop Existing Work Items directly into your Documents.
  • Feel the full control of built in Document Version Management tools!
  • Output your Document WYSIWYG as a Word or PDF Document with one click of a button.

Author and Define Requirements Details

Enhance your requirement authoring process by creating requirements in true document format. Provide context to your requirements by defining sections such as “Introduction”, “Scope”, “Glossary” and more!

Define your context sections and place them among your actual requirements content in the same document.
Using our built-in Smart Editor, you can easily create Rich Text content to fill out Work Item fields. This tool provides a simple to use inline menu that allows quick switching between Work Item fields like “Description”, “Acceptance Criteria” and more!

Import Microsoft Word Documents

Easily import your Word Document content into your Azure DevOps environment. Importing test cases, requirements specifications, or other data simply with our new Import Tool! Our import tool uses rule-sets to help you correctly specify and identify exactly what it is you are importing. Create Work Item recognition rules and use them to define how your Word Document will be imported.

You can specify that certain content will be imported as a Work Item directly, and which information will be used to fill out the Work Item’s fields – such as Description, Acceptance Criteria… and more! Use the Smart Docs module to preview your import and identify how your content will transition to Work Items and fields after your import! Author requirements in a document view with title and description visible inline. Include contextual data in Smart Docs like ‘Introduction, In scope, Out of scope, Glossary’ along with requirements or any other work item. Linked work items are created automatically and implicitly.

Create and Insert Diagrams in Smart Docs

Prepare and design comprehensive business documents by creating UML and/or business diagrams. Insert existing diagrams or create new diagrams directly from the Smart Doc module!
Build elaborate and complete documents that provide Stakeholders with a better understanding of your requirements and implementation.

Generate and Save Documents as Word or PDF Files

Create your business documents and save them in the accessible Word or PDF formats. Allow your users to easily edit generated word files, and share PDF files with other Stakeholders.

Improves Synchronization

Use our Import tool to easily synchronize your Microsoft Word documents with your Azure DevOps project. Take Document content and import them as Work Items to allow for easy tracking, assignment, and planning! Easily access your new Work Items for use in managing workflows and creating traceability matrices!
Import your content and be rid of error-prone copy/pasting. Bring your Rich Text content into your project along with your text and images.
Using the preview function in Smart Docs affords users the ability to experiment quickly with Work Item recognition rules. Users can easily identify the best way to import documents without risk of importing items incorrectly to their database!


Generate specifications exactly how you want them to be seen. Using Smart Docs allows you to take a WYSIWYG approach without having to create unnecessary Work Items. Create and insert context Sections that help you frame the requirements content you present!
Smart Docs helps you discover the benefits of grouping and organizing Work Items completely based on user needs. With its ‘Save to Word/PDF’ features, collaborating with stakeholders has never been simpler or more secure.

Visual Representation of Technical Information

Visually represent your technical information for product features and requirements in easily shareable business documents. Add Diagrams and Rich Text content to your requirements and generate widely accessible Word and PDF files to share with stakeholders!

Tracks changes

Visually represent your technical information for product features and requirements in easily shareable business documents. Add Diagrams and Rich Text content to your requirements and generate widely accessible Word and PDF files to share with stakeholders!

Use familiar setup

Jumpstart Smart Docs using Smart Docs Template (similar concept to Word Template). When you create a new Smart Docs with a template it creates the necessary content and work items automatically.

Create and define Smart Docs meta templates

Smart Doc meta templates allow users to control exactly what Work Item types can be created/inserted at given level of a Document. Meta templates allow users to easily create a document structure that must be adhered to, increasing the consistency in building requirements specifications. Meta templates also allow users to display any information/properties of a Work Item directly inside the document, and offer users the ability to set these properties automatically when building requirements inside a Smart Doc. Using the Template Designer is simple, and allows non tech-savvy users to easily build the desired structure of new Smart Docs. When you change a meta template, you can use the “Update All” feature to easily update all documents using this same meta template!.

Use Document Versioning to track changes

Create and maintain different versions of a document within the same project through Smart Docs. By using the built-in versioning controls, users can easily revisit older versions of a document and can effectively track any changes that have occurred. If your document contains Work Items, you can easily rollback Work Items to how they were in previous document versions, or even compare those Work Items to their current state!

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