• Create Trace Matrices that are always up-to-date and are created in seconds!
  • View Work Item decomposition across multiple project with our Horizontal Traceability Matrix.
  • Make, break, and manage relationships (links) between Work Items from a single interface with our easy to use Intersection Traceability Matrix.
  • Easily view Test Coverage and Test Results directly within the Matrix!

Improves Project Quality

Easily track relationships between requirements, test cases and release plans. Track requirements from their conception through to delivery, prioritize team time more effectively and reduce waste of precious resources on non-priority items.

Boosts Productivity

Eliminates manual effort and time required to create and maintain traceability matrices. The system uses simple, user-defined configuration to populate and display information.

Provides Visible Requirements Coverage

Enables analysts to easily identify missing and disconnected requirements, analyze coverage, gaps and keep track of project status.

Improved Test Case Management

Our tool provides you with the power to:

  • Plan better!
  • Optimize the amount of necessary testing!
  • Eliminate both duplication and leakage!

View Test Case Result Coverage

Map and Trace user requirements! Never lose coverage by having missed or overlooked Test Cases. Use our Horizontal Traceability Matrix to view full Work Item decomposition, then use an Intersection Matrix to manage Work Item relationships. Experience the benefits of having Matrices that take minutes to create, are always up to date, and which provide you a visual output of your code coverage.

Add Missing Links or Break Links

Create or remove work item links rapidly when viewing an intersection matrix. Define link types and establish any relationship type between work items.

Decomposition Matrix

View work item relationships in a horizontal type view, configure custom traceability matrices to view work item relationships, properties and link types via user-defined configuration.

Export to Excel and Manage Records

Use the folder and sub folder-hierarchy to store and manage your matrices. You can also export them to Excel and share them with stakeholders at any time.

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