Smart Office Library

Smart Office Library is a platform to host company data and present it in a way that would make it more accessible and effective to all users across an organization. It is where all of the company’s pre-defined authoring and reporting document templates can be stored for easy re-use. It’s useful in managing content and documents under different folders. It works as mini databases – powerful tools for organizing data or tracking processes.



Create Folder Hierarchy

Users can manage documents by creating structured folders or sub-folders that provide a new centralized document management system, to effectively store, control and protect all documents.

Upload a Document

Users can upload a document or a file under any selected folder through Smart Office Library. It serves as a place to store, manage, and collaborate on documents with integration to SharePoint. It allows user to add different types of files such as Word, Excel, Visio and PowerPoint, etc.

Open a Document for Editing

Users are able to open a document for editing or in read only mode. The application allows user to make changes in the document and save changes. The updated version will be saved directly back to the Smart Office library.

Check Out/In

Users can perform check out while editing a document and then release it for other users by checking it in. The check-out/in functionality, if selected, prevents multiple people from working on the same document at the same time.

Refresh Document Library

Allow users to get latest folders, along with the associated documents, if added by another user on same Team project.


Deep integration of Smart Office Library and SharePoint

The Smart Office library manages documents on the associated SharePoint Site of a Team Project. It allows your team to share and collaborate using the tools that they are already familiar with SharePoint provides for rich document management including workflows, alerts, e-signatures, etc.

Single Online Repository

Instead of hunting around for files in different locations, the Smart Office Library provides an advantage for the users to save files in a single library where everyone can find them. It makes it easier to maintain and manage documents and other content, and facilitates the enforcement of a repeatable requirements process with reusable document authoring and reporting templates.

Avoid Confusion While Editing Documents

When a file is checked out, only a single user is allowed to make changes to it. The file will remain locked (checked-out) until the user releases it; this avoids confusion among all team members, and should eliminate document duplication and fragmentation.

Collaborate on Documents More Efficiently

Non-Technical users can open updated Smart Documents in our free SmartWord4TFS Reviewer tool, provide redlines, feedback and discussion, and then post all of these updates, within the document, back to the Smart Office library. The Smart Office Library provides clients with easy access to the standard requirements Word templates to start a project (e.g. BRD, Use Case, Trace Matrix, etc.). Then it helps to increase work productivity by automating and enhancing collaboration of document based work throughout the enterprise.

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