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As product manufacturing companies strive for innovation and speed in order to sustain their competitive advantage, software is often the catalyst driving this differentiation. Whether it’s embedded software or software supporting the user interface, getting it right in a timely manner is essential. Creating and managing product branches, supporting development with visualizations, managing change and product links, are all essential ingredients in bringing products to market quickly.

Modern Requirements4TFS is used by leading product manufacturing organizations around the globe

Enjoy quick adoption

With the SmartOffice plugins that can be added to Modern Requirements4TFS, users can continue to author, review and work with documents in the familiar and native Word or Visio user interface. There is no need to teach non-technical or business users a new interface – simply equip them with Smart Office4TFS, one of its components, and have them contributing to projects in an automated way, within minutes.

Manage product models

Many products are released with slight adjustments between models in order to create customizable options for their clients. Modern Requirements4TFS enables users to select common requirements and copy them into another project for further elaboration. At any time, users can compare and manage the differences between like models of the same product. This capability dramatically enhances a product’s time to market while maintaining overall quality.


The review, discussion and approval functions in Modern Requirements4TFS, help diverse groups of business, client, and IT stakeholders worldwide. Specifically, these functions help them collaborate to drive consensus and resolution as they innovate on various initiatives. Each review workflow is governed by a set of rules so that managers can adjust based on the type and size of project at hand. Discussions, comments and approvals are saved in the database, so the organization can always reference why important decisions were made.

Make better decisions

Modern Requirements4TFS provides visibility for both Agile and traditional requirements in one central source of truth, with traceability, so you can share information easily within your organization and with external stakeholders and clients. Management analytics and reporting capabilities provide you with valuable insight to guide direction and adjust as needed.

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