Modern Requirements4TFS is now Modern Requirements4DevOps! Learn More >

Modern Requirements4TFS is now Modern Requirements4DevOps
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Today’s services and technology providers are driven by agility, availability and transparency. Delivering best industry practices with confidence requires supporting technology platforms that are powerful, yet nimble and cost effective.

Modern Requirements4DevOps is used by
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Here at Modern Requirements we pride ourselves on applications that provide unprecedented levels of collaboration.

Our comprehensive suite of tools is designed to foster an interdisciplinary atmosphere wherein clients, teams, Stakeholders, and IT teams can review, discuss, and innovate together.

Using our rich, collaborative tools allows you to keep discussions, comments, and approvals in a single database for easy future reference!

View our Review module and see how you can easily adjust review workflows to fit the type and size of a project at hand!

Enjoy quick adoption

Our Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4DevOps) solution is uniquely designed to maintain the feel of Microsoft’s native Word and Visio applications!

Allow your users to take a Microsoft Word approach to writing requirements, and have your text-based content translate directly into actual work items your developers can organize and task out. Create diagrams online with the same ease as Microsoft Visio, but allow our Diagram tool to automatically generate comprehensive Use Cases, Test Cases and Integration Stories!

Simply equip your team with Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4DevOps) and have them contributing to projects in an automated way, within minutes.

Make better decisions

Guide and adjust your project with confidence by using the visibility, insight, and direction provided by our Requirements Management solutions.

Built upon a single a source of truth model, our uniquely designed tools allow your team to build, share, manage, and analyze information in a single environment!

View our Traceability module to see how easily visualizing requirements information can help you confidently make better decisions today!

Reduce costs and increase speed to compete

With solutions offered by Modern Requirements your organization will benefit from fewer defects, less rework, and improved time to market through the process of automation provided.

We enable both business and IT stakeholders to share a deeper understanding of requirements, helping both parties stay aligned with their corporate objectives!

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