Continuing Education

The most direct route to leveraging your new application is through education and practice. Modern Requirements education and training services will see you and your team well on your way to the full adoption of your new IT project management tool, Modern Requirements4TFS.

All our instructors have first-hand experience in Modern Requirements4TFS software solutions and thorough knowledge of the software development lifecycle. Their tutelage includes practical experience with Modern Requirements4TFS in many different industries and various scenarios. Your team will learn the basics from which to build on, plus a few tips and tricks that will speed up integration.

Training Programs offered:

  • Basic Online Instruction
  • Day Workshop
  • Advanced 3 Day Course

Here is what you can expect from Modern Requirements education and training services:

  • An innovative blend of classroom and e-learning mediums.
  • Expert instruction delivered at our offices, client sites and over the Web.
  • Courses tailored to meet the individual needs of each client.
  • Training tutorials and case studies.
  • Focused training for Business Analysts to define and certify requirements.
  • Specialized training for Testers to develop test cases from the application.
  • Direct training for Quality Assurance professionals in the validation process.