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Why wait for a return on your software investment? Modern Requirements professional services will catapult your company into full adoption of Modern Requirements4TFS. Modern Requirements consultants have an intimate understanding of the software development lifecycle and vast experience assimilating Modern Requirements4TFS into the business operations of various industries. Leverage Modern Requirements knowledge with the following professional services and consulting:

Modern Requirements Solution Initiation

Whether it’s a single software requirements management solution or a full-blown enterprise initiative, Modern Requirements will help you identify your needs, strategize and implement your software plans.

Define, Create and Validate Requirements Coaching

Current projects need immediate attention. Modern Requirements consultants will help your staff apply Modern Requirements4TFS to your existing projects so you can meet your deadlines and satisfy stakeholders.

Independent Requirements Review

Get to the source of your problems with an Modern Requirements independent review.

Requirements Conversion

Accelerate your time-to-value through our assistance in converting your company’s existing systems into your new Modern Requirements.

Implementation Planning

Many clients implement Modern Requirements4TFS using the comprehensive out-of-box configuration and document templates available. Some clients however chose to adapt Modern Requirements4TFS to their unique project lifecycle process, milestones and artifacts. For these clients Modern Requirements offers Implementation Planning services, delivered online or onsite. These services usually consist of 4-8 hours of discovery and discussion and can be divided in multiple sessions, as artifact samples and templates are exchanged. Areas of consideration include:

  • Types of requirements and their respective properties to be defined.
  • Workflow to be followed based on currently defined project milestones.
  • Output documents and diagrams to be generated.
  • Structure of information architecture in order to promote ease of access and reuse.

We can provide daily rates for implementation planning and for ‘best shore’ configuration services. The result of these efforts is a repeatable requirements process that can be easily adapted by the client.

Legacy Document Conversion/Importation

Some clients chose to implement Modern Requirements4TFS on projects where a significant amount of legacy requirements or system content exists. For these situations there is a need to import this content into Modern Requirements4TFS so that further requirements elaboration can take place. Modern Requirements4TFS supports importation of content from Word or Excel and can provide these outsourced conversion services at attractive ‘best shore’ rates. We can provide pricing for this service either on a per document or project basis, once the source documents have been reviewed.