Why wait for a return on your software investment?

Implement in no time!

Modern Requirements’ consultants have an intimate understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle. With over two decades of experience, we know best how to make our Modern Requirements application fit your unique process!

Let us help shape your success!

Become one of the many teams who have experienced how Modern Requirements can help you identify, strategize and implement a successful requirements process. Whether you are starting from scratch, or moving an existing project into a Modern Requirements workflow, rest assured that our team has been there!

We know best how to help your team hit the ground running with a solution that is as intuitive as it is comprehensive.

And we’ll be there…
Every step of the way.

Choose to simply implement one of our standard configurations that are available out-of-the-box, or take a deeper dive with our widely recognized Customer Success Team. We offer process optimization and work to help your team align workflows and taxonomies with proven best practices!

Your implementation is our mission.

Our Customer Success Specialists are trained to ensure that your Modern Requirements implementation is a guaranteed success. Our mission is to implement a solution that helps your project meet deadlines and satisfy Stakeholders – regardless of how far along your project is!

But how?

We follow a carefully constructed 4-8-hour discovery session that ensures we’ve covered all of your team’s bases. Our consultants work with your team, dividing our discovery session into smaller, more digestible sessions that guarantee your process is built by fresh minds at your convenience.

Once we discover what makes your process unique down to the finest details, our team gets to work. We identify how your process fits within our currently offered solutions and ensure that your post-implementation process is both as effective and efficient as possible!
If necessary, our team will meet with your IT team to identify whether an onsite or cloud implementation is the right choice for you!

View our blog post on the differences between each platform!

We help you identify any obstacles that your team might face with either platform, and work to ensure your implementation offers a seamless transition into a feature-rich environment!

After we evaluate what changes must be made to our standard process templates/modules, and once we have fully planned your implementation timeline, we provide your team with a time estimate that works for you!

We know that your teams and projects depend on you receiving a fully supported, successful implementation.

Here at Modern Requirements we always guarantee you’ll get exactly that.

Delivered to you onsite or online, our implementation planning services consider:

  • Your requirement types and their respective properties!
  • How your team adheres to defined, unique workflows!
  • What diagrams and documents are necessary for your specific processes!
  • …and how to best help you structure information for ease of access and reuse!

View our standard process templates here to see what comes offered with our standard out-of-the-box templates!

Training from people who actually use our software!

Here at Modern Requirements we pride ourselves on providing industry leading training!

We use our own software as part of our ALM process.
So, you can always rest assured that the training you receive is done by specialists and consultants that use our software daily! We know all of the ins and outs of our tools, and can provide your team with an approach that helps you use our tools to best achieve your goals.

Visit our training page today to see how our specialists can help your team hit the ground running!