Smart analogy highlights modern requirements management challenges

Smart analogy highlights modern requirements management challenges

Project failure has been at the center of many corporate decision-makers’ frustration in the past few decades, as such a high percentage of objectives will never be met because of various hiccups, a lack of adequate support and other issues. In agile Web development, project failure has become all-too-ubiquitous in a relatively short period of time, and business leaders must ensure that they are setting their employees up for success to gain the most preferable advantages.

For many organizations, the problem will begin and end at requirements management, as well as other early stages of the application lifecycle that are not properly taken care of or completed over time. This is not to say that developers, stakeholders and project managers are not capable of completing these tasks accurately, but rather that they are not getting enough support from other decision-makers.

Getting ready for success
Project Accelerator News recently compared IT projects in the private sector to fad weight loss diets to illustrate why failure has become so common in both arenas. According to the news provider, fad diets are simple but not easy, much like core functions that need to be taken care of for successful completion of projects such as planning, requirements management and more.

Additionally, the source stated that poor sponsorship and unrealistic expectations can come with devastating consequences, and will often be central forces behind project failures among a variety of corporate departments. In a fad diet, many of the same sentiments are present, and individuals who go into them with unrealistic expectations or a lack of rudimentary knowledge will not succeed in their goals.

Project Accelerator News noted that requirements management and feasible objective definitions are actually relatively simple to achieve as long as everyone involved across the business is working consistently and collaboratively toward unified goals through cohesive guidelines.

One tool to rule them all
Smart Office4DevOps was created with all of the challenges that come with modern requirements management in mind, and works to ease the strain that these procedures can place on stakeholders, project managers and developers. One of the fundamental advantages of this suite of solutions is the ability to maximize the efficiency, effectiveness and consistency of collaboration among various stakeholders involved.

Considering how often poor requirements management is traced back to project failures, the use of Smart Office4DevOps can quickly reverse the tides and lead to a higher rate of success in the application development arena.

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