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Configure and automatically generate user defined traceability matrices from TFS and VSTS. Smart Excel4TFS enables you to easily create and manage a Requirements Traceability Matrix, a Defect Analysis Matrix and various Work Item Decomposition Matrices.

With this powerful essential reporting and analysis plug-in large volume of work items and their relationships can be visualized and organized in variety of different perspectives.



Generate Intersectional Traceability Matrices

Connect to any TFS or VSTS projects, easily configure and automatically generate an intersection traceability matrix.

Track Requirements to Test Coverage

Easily produce a Requirements Traceability Matrix to view and analyze test coverage, test status, and missing links.

Perform Impact Assessment

Generate traceability reports to view work items relationships, identify gaps and dependencies.

Generate Horizontal Decomposition Matrices

Visualize work item decomposition in a parent to child type view and visually view relationships between work items.


Improve Project Quality

Easily track relationships between requirements, test cases and release plans. Track requirements from their conception through to delivery, prioritize team time more effectively and reduce wastage of precious resources on non-priority items.

Boosts Productivity

Automatically produces traceability matrices with little or no effort required. Maintains work item details in constant sync as project work items progress and change. Eliminates the large amount of manual effort required to create and maintain traceability matrices.

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