Smart Word4TFS

Gather and define requirements, complete with rich text, tables and images directly in the familiar and easy-to-use Word interface. Design custom reusable templates to help users define new requirements or use them to generate documents on call. Eliminate redundancies like copy and paste, and import document data easily and efficiently. Smart Word4TFS maintains documents in constant synchronization with TFS and VSTS so that your documents never go stale and helps you avoid missing and outdated requirements.


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Connect MS Word to TFS or VSTS projects

Connect to projects and automatically synchronize process template work items with no configuration or mapping required.

Reverse engineer documents

Use the Auto-Tag feature to tag content within existing, non-smart documents and easily import them to TFS or VSTS, along with rich text and images.

Define custom Smart templates

Create and define your own custom Smart templates with an easy-to-use Wizard that displays all inherited process template work items, attributes and properties.

Generate reports

Use custom or out-of-the-box templates to quickly and easily generate documents from TFS or VSTS queries. Make edits and push changes back to TFS/VSTS.

* Auto Document Tagging and Reverse Engineering features are included in Smart Office4TFS only


Easy to use

With this light-weight, easy-to-use plugin users can easily transition between MS Word processing and TFS/VSTS work item management. The familiar interface provides faster adoption and user acceptance.

Boosts productivity

Eliminates redundancies like copy and paste. Maintains information in a central repository with one system of record. Automatically syncs information between Word and TFS/VSTS saving users time and effort and eliminates the risk of outdated requirements.

Improves collaboration

Enables users to display information as it should be viewed by its audience. Provides a familiar and easy-to-understand format for non-technical stakeholders to review and provide feedback.

Free for reviewers

Smart documents can be shared with non-licensed users, information is completely viewable and documents can be redlined via track changes. A free reviewer license is available for feedback and discussion via a built-in panel (TFS/VSTS access required).

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