Source code control updates to watch

Source code control updates to watch

Application developers have an increasing wealth of options available to them to streamline the requirements management procedures necessary to ensure an accurate and efficient lifecycle management process. Additionally, Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio continue to receive upgrades to help stakeholders, project managers and developers themselves get through the various stages of the lifecycle more progressively.

As many developers will use source code control tools for various application lifecycle management tasks, it is important that these professionals keep a close eye on the additions major firms are making to their service offerings. Microsoft has expanded the diversity and volume of options available to developers throughout the past several years, creating more effective support frameworks for various members of the relevant teams.

Helpful updates
Terrence Dorsey, writing for Visual Studio Magazine, recently dove into the finer points of Git and Mercurial, which are the two newest source code control and collaboration tools to be supported by Microsoft Windows. The author argued that while source code controls have not been a major point of discussion in the past few years, they are still equally as important as they were in the early days of application development.

In many ways, the newer systems that are available to developers will be most useful when they are trying to track major changes in codebase, and record the variations over time. Dorsey stated that Git and Mercurial software will record character insertions and deletions, which can streamline various adjustments that need to be made, as well as corrections to erroneous code, throughout the lifecycle of the application.

He went on to explain that these iterations of distributed version control systems can adequately frame and image all types of repositories, regardless of whether they are based in the cloud or team server, further improving efficiency and comprehension in the development process.

Other helpful tools
While Microsoft has started to support these DVCSes to help developers manage code, other options are now available that streamline the earlier stages of the lifecycle, such as requirements management. Smart Office4DevOps is currently one of the only sets of solutions to offer full integration of Microsoft Office programs with development lifecycle-related tasks.

With these solutions in place, developers, project managers and stakeholders will have a far more simplistic, unified and efficient day-to-day experience with record-keeping, requirements management and communication of progress to other departments.

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