Creating Smart Parts Using the Wizard

Creating a Smart Document is a very important function in the use of Smart Word4DevOps. It allows you to define document sections that represent information from a given Work Item and the relationship between them. Once Smart Documents are defined you can use them to author work items in Word and generate reports in Word based on the design of the Smart Documents.

1. Open a new Word document

2. Connect to a team project. Click here to see how to connect to a team project.

3. Click on the ‘Wizard’ icon

4. You will see this window appear

5. Click on the left most icon to create a new section

6. Give the section a name; such as ‘Feature’

7. Select Work Item type from the ‘WorkItem Type’ dropdown; such as ‘Feature’

8. Let the ‘Section Type’ remain ‘Form’

9. From the ‘Available Fields’ select the fields you want to use in Word and click the ‘right arrow’ key to bring each into the ‘Selected Field list’.

10. In the selected field list you can move the position of the fields up and down by clicking on the up/down arrow on the right edge.

11. Each field has these configurable properties

  • A. A label – a simple text shown to the left or above the field in Word;
  • B. A control title – which is shown in the title of the content control, like tooltip;
  • C. A placeholder – this is like a watermark on the content control. When you write something in the content control the watermark disappears;
  • D. A default value – this is the default value that will be given to the field when you insert the Smart Part to author a new Work Item.

12. Now click on ‘Create sub section’;

  • A. Give it a name; such as ‘User Story’
  • B. Select ‘WorkItem Type’ drop down
  • C. Let ‘Section Type’ be ‘Form’
  • D. Select the from the ‘Available Fields’ and move them to the right side

13. Now select the top section and click on ‘Create sub section’; creating sub-section tells Smart Word4DevOps that the sections represents a parent-child relationship while authoring.

  • A. Give the sub-section a name; such as “issue”
  • B. Select Work Item type
  • C. This time select ‘Section Type’ to be ‘Table’
  • D. Select the Work Item fields you want in the table

14. Click on Apply

15. Word will ask you to save the document. Save it as a regular word document file (.docx format)

16. You will see in the Word document that sections have been created, just as we had defined the sections in the wizard.

17. Additionally you will see a new button made visible in the Smart Word4DevOps ribbon tab called ‘Insert Smart Part”. If you click it you will see the Smart Part created and its sub-parts as well. You can use this to insert new Smart Parts and author within it.

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