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The Modern Requirements Suite4TFS provides a collaborative platform with ‘ a single source of truth’ –
Team Foundation Server or VSTS , while automating each phase of your requirements lifecycle.

Powerful features, Simply designed

The Modern Requirements Suite4TFS is a collaborative platform built on TFS / VSTS, using it as its application server. The suite extends the capabilities of TFS/VSTS with a fusion of web technologies and Microsoft Office, delivered as an integrated platform for managing the requirements lifecycle.

Author, Report, Collaborate

Use Word as an RM interface to author requirements specifications and publish them to TFS, generate reports from TFS and get feedback on work items in documents.

Backlog Management

Prioritized list of User Stories or Requirements. As you move from ideas to actually shipping software, your backlog acts as a repository.

Kanban Board

Turn your backlog into an interactive planning board. Use it to visualize, track, and share progress as you build your project.

Review Management

Request and manage feedback from stakeholders for work items, use cases, diagrams and mockups. Use eSignature for approval of work items.

Traceability Analysis

Generate a traceability matrix to understand relationships, test coverage and system quality.

Baseline and Reuse

Manage baselines of work items. Create, compare and generate difference reports. Reuse baselined requirements and develop an enterprise information architecture.

Outlook Integration

Convert emails to work items or attach emails to work items. Email work items outlines or details to stakeholders.

Built on TFS

No integration required because the Modern Requirements Suite4TFS is built on TFS. The entire software lifecycle can be stored/traced, from end to end, in TFS and Visual Studio.

Use Case Editor

Create a use case specification and auto generate an activity diagram and link it to work items using Smart Tags.

Intelligent diagrams

Use any Visio diagram stencil to elicit requirements, determine coverage, while automating scenarios, use cases and test cases.

Wireframes & Scenario

Assemble interactive Mock ups and screen navigation rapidly in order to elicit and validate requirements.

Requirements in Context

Capture requirements and specs for each screen, UI element, diagram and activity directly within mockups and diagrams.

Made for teamwork

Modern Requirements 4TFS is built on and for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
The official Microsoft go-to-solution for Requirements Management.

Energize your Practice

Some of the most successful companies in the world use the Modern Requirements Suite4TFS to be more innovative, efficient and collaborative. Using Modern Requirements teams can identify and resolve issues early, virtually eliminating rework, cutting delivery times in half, and reducing overall application development costs by 20% to 50%.

The Modern Requirements definition and management platform, built on TFS, helps teams to define, communicate, and validate requirements textually and visually.

It leverages Microsoft Office technologies to bi-directionally connect them with TFS; thereby enabling wide stakeholder engagement. It’s built on the amazing capabilities of Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server to provide end to end traceability.

Cut requirements time in half Click here for client quotes

Simplified authoring and reuse of rich text requirements or User Stories with images, created in a familiar user defined hierarchy; saves hours daily.

Reduce rework up to 80% Click here for client quotes

When Visual and Textual Requirements Modeling come together in an intelligent platform the results are remarkable.

Slash overall project costs up to 40% Click here for client quotes

Clear requirements in an integrated ALM environment accelerates every stage of application development, testing and delivery.

Project Audits made simple

Managing change, traceability, release variances and management reporting can each be done with a few clicks- eliminating days of manual agony.

Introduction to Modern Requirements


Introduction to SmartOffice4TFS


Modern Requirements Suite4TFS


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Why Modern Requirements?

Collaborate & Engage All Stakeholders

Create complete, validated requirements in half of the time it takes you today. Avoid costly development rework and approval delays caused by using out of date versions of documents, cutting & pasting text and images, lack of clarity of key requirements, and working overtime to produce traceability and version baselining for auditors. Performing these functions manually, or with disconnected applications, contributes to the majority of projects not being successful today; deliveries are either not on time, not on budget, or do not meet client expectations.

Backed by Microsoft

The Modern Requirements Suite4TFS provides a collaborative platform based on ‘a single source of truth’, while automating each phase of your requirements lifecycle. The user interface is Microsoft Office, ensuring that you, and your new recruits, can start enjoying the benefits quickly. You can also add a browser based interface. Microsoft’s industry leading TFS / VSTS is the requirements database, with optional extensions supporting your end to end ALM process. Whether you deploy it on premises or in the Azure cloud, it provides the security, scalability and workflow management clients’ demand; while supporting Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid methodologies.

Award Winning Requirements Tool

Modern Requirements is the leading Microsoft based requirements definition and management solution available today; a testament to this fact is our inclusion in the top 100 Microsoft Solution Providers by the CIO Review magazine. As the only requirements solution in the top 100, we have solidly entrenched Modern Requirements as THE requirements suite solution of choice.

Complete Microsoft Office Integration

Modern Requirements is the fusion of Microsoft Office and web technologies; empowering all stakeholders in their quest to build better systems, together. Explore our site content to learn more about how organizations like Becton Dickinson, The FBI, Commonwealth Financial and Liberty Mutual have leveraged the suite’s industry leading feature set to improve their project quality and complete projects in a fraction of the time it took them previously.

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