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Azure DevOps

Explore the full Features of Modern Requirements4DevOps

As the only Requirements Management tool built into Azure DevOps, Modern Requirements fills the requirements gaps in Microsoft's leading ALM platform. It also elevates the arena with the powerful AI tool Copilot4DevOps.
Requirements Management tools for Azure DevOps

Seamless integration with Azure DevOps.

Quit relying on your team’s ability to juggle third party applications and assets. 
Introduce Modern Requirements4DevOps to your project and enable your team to collaborate in the same place to create a single source of truth.

Modern Requirements Azure DevOps integration

Tools for every step of the project lifecycle

Our Requirements Management tools help teams of every methodology and every size. 

By creating purpose-built tools designed to tackle real problems, we offer you something for every stage of the project lifecycle. We offer the freedom to author requirements however you choose, the ability to facilitate and manage requirements change, and the comfort of being able to report on requirements quickly and easily.

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Authoring and Reporting Tools

Build requirements and create reports directly into your Azure DevOps project

Build living requirements assets your team needs directly within your Azure DevOps project.

Create MS Word-like documents, diagrams, elicitation questions, mockups, and use cases within ADO with fully embedded and connected requirements.

Everything you create in Modern Requirements4DevOps is an Azure DevOps work item. We do not store requirements separately.

Create documents that include both requirements, and requirements assets created in Azure DevOps.

Track your project with quick output and sharing of assets like reports, diagrams and presentations and monitor the progress of your project at any stage.

Smart Docs

Create structured and living requirements documents within ADO in an MS Word-like environment.

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Word Import

Import a structured Microsoft Word document in Smart Docs in the form of Azure DevOps Work Items.

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Version and Variant Management

Version and Variant Management improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting allows you to report using multiple queries and also add static content to the report.

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Smart Report

Generate fully customizable reports from any module with Smart Reporting.

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Project Audit Tools

Build a workflow that captures and tracks all changes.

Take stock of projects with tools that help you review and trace the evolution of your project.

Trace requirements across multiple document formats, teams, and across time. Use or change baselines to use as a reference and assess the impact of changes across all requirements in one click.

Review Management

Improve collaboration and streamline the review process with our simple Review Request feature.

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Trace Analysis

Quickly create Traceability Matrices to trace requirements from end-to-end.

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Capture requirements as a baseline for easy comparison in the future.

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360° Impact Assessment

Use Impact Assessment module for MR4DO to perform impact analysis and understand how changes to certain Work Items will affect related Work Items.

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Visualization Tools

Keep a clear overview of your teams and projects.

Create high fidelity aids, designs, and reports to visualize your workflow and user experience in a whole new way.

Use diagramming to understand relationships between different Work Items, teams, or aspects of your project. Create wireframes of products (with Simulations) and create/edit use cases (with Use Case Editor) to understand your product’s user journey.


Automatically generate use cases and test cases by creating diagrams directly within ADO.

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Design high-fidelity wireframes and interfaces online using HTML and JavaScript controls.

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Transform your textual requirements into comprehensive flow diagrams with ease.

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Efficiency Optimizing Tools

Easier. Better. Faster. Stronger.

Elevate your ALM process with tools that streamline requirements elicitation and reuse.

Optimize your requirements elicitation process with Copilot4DevOps and Reuse and FAQ. Mind-map your requirements, take meeting notes, and put down unstructured thoughts in Smart Notes.


2x your productivity and efficiency with this game-changing AI-powered requirements management assistant.

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Transform answers to questions about specifications directly into requirements with FAQ.

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Smart Note

Take a flexible, free-form approach to gathering requirements. It’s like One Note embedded into Azure DevOps.

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Reuse requirements to lower the overhead required when starting a new project.

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Services Tools

Plug in all the remaining gaps in your requirements management process

Streamline your requirements management process by exchanging, reporting, identifying issues, creating reusable requirements, and much more.

Authoring Requirements with Modern Requirements4DevOps


Exchange requirements between Azure DevOps and any ALM & PLM tools that support the ReqIF (Requirements Interchange Format) standard with a single click.

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Test Hub Reporting

Generate test hub information reporting and trace analysis quickly with Test Hub Reporting.

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Parameterized Requirements

Use parameterized requirements to manage variations and commonalities among different products or product generations.

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Perform mathematical and logical calculations on Work Items better manage their relationships inside your project environment.

Email Service

Leverage new ideas anywhere by turning team email communications directly into a Work Item.

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Suspect Link

Highlight any requirements that may be impacted by changes to a linked requirement using a Dirty Flag.

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Custom ID

Assign a unique custom ID to Work Items to make them more readable and recognizable.

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Azure DevOps Core Functions

Learn Azure DevOps to Enhance Your ALM Process

Modern Requirements works closely with Microsoft to extend Azure DevOps into a full-fledged ALM tool by building upon its existing features.

Use these detailed tutorial videos, blogs, and graphics to get started with ADO’s features many functionalities.

Project Administration

Keep your project on track by using security controls, sending detailed notifications, and adjusting process templates.

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Use queries to create charts and graphs for an updated view of your project.

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Easily manage sprint and capacity planning and get an overview of all your requirements with the backlog view.

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Use this powerful tool to improve your productivity by identifying, tracking, and sharing Work Items relevant to you or your team.

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Simplify Compliance

40% Reduction in compliance reporting efforts

Reduce UAT Efforts

50% Reduction in User Acceptance Testing efforts