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Explore the full Features of Modern Requirements4DevOps

As the only Requirements Management tool built into Azure DevOps, Modern Requirements fills the requirements gaps in Microsoft's leading ALM platform.
Requirements Management tools for Azure DevOps

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Workflow Tools

View our workflow tools created to help your team manage, review, and analyze requirements. Using on-line reviews, baselines, and traceability matrices, your team can be more effective than ever!

Authoring Tools

Our authoring tools provide your team with the freedom to create requirements and requirements assets however they choose. Whether you build Diagrams, Documents, Mockups or more, our tools will enable you to Author in your own way. 

Reporting Tools

Turn your Azure DevOps projects into an accessible reporting tool. Modern Requirements4DevOps offers three irreplaceable reporting tools to make creating reports as simple as clicking a button. 

Seamless integration with Azure DevOps.

Quit relying on your team’s ability to juggle third party applications and assets. 
Introduce Modern Requirements4DevOps to your project and enable your team to collaborate in the same place to create a single source of truth.

Modern Requirements Azure DevOps integration

Tools for every step of the project lifecycle

Our Requirements Management tools help teams of every methodology and every size. 

By creating purpose-built tools designed to tackle real problems, we offer you something for every stage of the project lifecycle. We offer the freedom to author requirements however you choose, the ability to facilitate and manage requirements change, and the comfort of being able to report on requirements quickly and easily.


Authoring Requirements with Modern Requirements4DevOps

Author Requirements

Build requirements directly into your Azure DevOps project.

Build the requirements assets your team needs directly within your Azure DevOps project.

Connect requirements that exist in your project directly to your assets, or use your assets to elicit and author new requirements as Azure DevOps work items.

Everything you create in Modern Requirements4DevOps is an Azure DevOps work item. We do not store requirements separately.

smart docs requirements management tool

Smart Docs

Build living requirements documents directly within your Azure DevOps projects.

Enable your team with our newest module aimed at removing the need for third party application.

Remove the need to copy and paste requirements to and from Microsoft Word, and instead build documents using requirements already built in your project. Create templates and edit requirements in rich text, or add/build Diagrams directly within your Smart Docs.

diagram requirements management tool


Build Diagrams in your Azure DevOps project that you can connect requirements to.

Connect requirements to the individual nodes in your Diagrams, or use our Analysis tab to automatically generate low-level requirements, scenarios, and test cases! Easily drill down to connected Diagrams, Mockups, and Use Cases.

Turn Diagrams into reports using our built-in Smart Report which outputs your Diagrams and requirements!

faq requirements management tool


Built for teams that gather requirements upfront.

Build your own question lists or use one of our 20+ pre-built templates that cover over 3000 questions on topics pertaining to Non-Functional Requirements.

mockup requirements management tool


Build Interactive simulations, wireframes, and prototypes from your Azure DevOps project.

Easily connect requirements to individual html, js, and css controls that can be dragged onto your canvas. Connect and step through mockups to create an interactive environment.​

use case requirements management tool

Use Cases

Create Use Cases by writing a step-by-step narrative that automatically creates a diagram.

Turn individual Use Case steps into requirements easily with just two clicks. Include your Use Case, diagram, requirements, and details in a one-click report.


Review + Manage + Analyze

Build a workflow that captures and tracks all changes.

Online Part-11 Compliant Reviews include e-signatures, are free-to-participate in, and can include your Stakeholders easily.

Create Baselines that capture requirements change. Compare Baselines to identify changes and quickly rollback individual work items or entire baselines. 

Build Traceability Matrices that help you identify End-End Traceability and allow you to find and connect orphaned requirements. 


Build free-to-participate online reviews for work item approvals.

Bring stakeholders and team members together to collaborate and facilitate change in the same place. Reviews can include Part 11 compliant e-signatures, and can be turned into Baselines easily upon completion.

Trace Analysis

Create Traceability Matrices that show full project coverage in a matter of seconds.

Easy to create matrices allow you to easily show and manage end-end traceability. Trace your requirements down to Test Cases and display Test Results directly within a matrix. Easily export a matrix to excel to capture coverage at a given date.


Create Baselines that capture work items as they are at a given time.

Use our Review tool to facilitate and capture that change with Baselines. Use Baselines to compare work items between two specific dates or revisions. Easily identify changes in requirements and easily rollback changes.


Requirements reporting

Create instant auditability / regulatory reports.

Our Reporting tools allow your team to easily create output documents that include both requirements, and requirements assets created in Azure DevOps. 

Easily output Requirements Diagrams you create and include any work items you may have elicited. We allow your team to report from the native backlog and query modules, as well as from every tool in Modern Requirements4DevOps. 

Try our one-click auditability and regulatory reports. Easily create documents that output the differences between baselines, or which show all of the changes that have occurred during a review (with timestamps!)

Smart Report

Report requirements as Word, PDF, or HTML documents from anywhere in your project.

Easily build Report templates that match the asset or set of requirements that you are reporting. Smart Report templates can style each level of your document individually and can include any work item or work item property from your project.

Advanced Reports

Build reports that easily include both static and dynamic content.

Build reports that can be constructed similar to Microsoft Word, while also allowing you to easily inject TFS/ADO queries into your report.

Embedded Reporting tools.

Build reports from every tool you encounter in Modern Requirements4DevOps.

Create one-click difference reports that output the changes in requirements across baselines. Create a one-click auditability report that includes every change that has occurred during a review with timestamps.

See our features in a technical walkthough with product experts.

Simplify Compliance

40% reduction in compliance reporting efforts

Reduce UAT Efforts

50% Reduction in UAT efforts

Streamline Approvals

Significant reduction in approval delays

Increase Performance

50% requirements productivity improvement

Reduce Rework

10-fold reduction in development rework

Proven Time Saving

80% time saving on creating Trace Analysis

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