Requirements Management Tools built for Azure DevOps.

Tools built to accelerate project velocity, increase collaboration, and allow you to track and trace requirements as they change. Seamlessly integrated with Azure DevOps, TFS, and VSTS to keep your team working together in one place.

Microsoft's go-to partner for Requirements Management since 2015!

Brian Harry | Corporate Vice President at Microsoft

Better Together: Requirements & DevOps

Wednesday, June 09, 2021 | 11 AM ET

Join Microsoft and Modern Requirements on June 9th, 2021 to discover ways to bridge the gap between Requirements & DevOps, leverage new Azure DevOps features and capabilities, and prepare for the future of DevOps.

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1,000s of business analysts, product owners, systems engineers, and quality assurance leads use Modern Requirements4DevOps to:

  • Drive application development and accelerate velocity
  • Better manage projects throughout their lifecycle, reduce time-to-market, and improve project quality
  • Improve requirements productivity by at least 50%

Download Free XML-Based Process Templates!

We provide teams using Azure DevOps with Project Process Templates (developed in collaboration with the International Institute of Business Analysis™) to help them get started with the right work items. With process templates covering everything from BABOK to Agile, SCRUM and CMMI, you can select the template that's right for you and your team.

Requirements Management Tools to help you do more with less.

All teams.
All projects.
All methodologies.

Our Requirements Management tools are proven to increase project velocity, reduce requirements rework, and automate manual processes for teams of all sizes working across all methodologies. Our tools support WATERFALL, HYBRID, AGILE, and everything in between!

Modern Requirements for Medical Device Development

Constant development and innovation in medical devices are critical to ensure personal health and safety. Due to the nature of medical devices and the strict regulatory compliance needs, requirements management is deeply related to the success of any type of medical device.

This guide shows you how to manage medical device design controls more efficiently by using Modern Requirements. Modern Requirements also supports standard operating procedures for requirements management in the medical device sector including 21 CFR Part 11.


All teams.
All projects.
All methodologies.

Our Requirements Management tools are proven to increase project velocity, reduce requirements rework, and automate manual processes for teams of all sizes working across all methodologies. Our tools support WATERFALL, HYBRID, AGILE, and everything in between!

Maximize your team's potential.

Reduced UAT Efforts
Reduced manual effort in traceability reporting
Faster time to market

Industry recognized

Our Requirements Management tools have been regularly recognized by Gartner, Forrester, and applauded by industry leaders looking to build better requirements. 

Seamless integration with Azure DevOps

Our tools are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft’s Azure DevOps, TFS, and VSTS. This unique feature allows us to leverage the powerful capabilities that already exist in Azure DevOps. 

Microsoft's go-to partner for Requirements Management.

Recognized by Microsoft since 2015 as their go-to Requirements Management tool. Modern Requirements4DevOps provides a full requirements workflow without leaving your Azure DevOps project.

Built in collaboration with industry leaders

By collaborating with industry leaders our team builds industry leading software that extends the world’s leading Microsoft’s ALM platform. Our tools are purpose-built to solve real-world issues faced in Requirements Management


Agile Practices for adaptive software development require tools that must exhibit capabilities to enable fast feedback cycles and customer involvement.

Major US Automotive Manufacturer

"I was able to cut my requirements-definition time in half within 10 days of starting to use your tool."
Business Analyst

Replace your manual processes with tools built directly into Microsoft’s Azure DevOps. Whether you’re making changes, facilitating change, or approving it… our tools are built for every step of your process. Our tools are purpose-built to meet the everyday needs of users in every industry. Documents, Diagrams, Reviews, Baselines, Reports, and Traceability Matrices. 

Built for every step in the project lifecycle.

Two easy ways to try Modern Requirements4DevOps.

(Both options include access to support and training resources!)


Your data, your projects, our extension.
By trying MR4DevOps in your environment you can start exploring the full capabilities of our Requirements Management Tools almost immediately.

By trying from the comfort of your existing environment you can see how our tools interact with your existing data.


Skip the need for setup and get started using our tools in our sample environment. Try our pre-built COMPLIANCE, BABOK, CMMI, or Agile and SCRUM templates and experience the full capabilities of Modern Requirements.

Our hosted environment is built to give your team all of the tools they need to succeed without any setup.

Bring your teams together in Azure DevOps.

By enabling Modern Requirements4DevOps into Azure DevOps, you can now bring QA teams, Development teams, and Requirements Management teams together on one platform. This creates a single source of truth that enables your team to stay efficient, and helps to keep your project moving along quickly. 

See our features in a technical walkthrough with product experts.

Reduce UAT Efforts

50% Reduction in UAT efforts

Proven Time Saving

80% time saving on creating Trace Analysis

Streamline Approvals

Significant reduction in approval delays

Increase Performance

50% requirements productivity improvement

Reduce Rework

10-fold reduction in development rework

Simplify Compliance

40% reduction in compliance reporting efforts

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