Modern Requirements is our go to Partner for Requirements Management, and we worked with them to create an offer for all Visual Studio Enterprise users.
Brian Harry — Corporate Vice President at Microsoft
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Modern Requirements by Industry

Product Manufacturing

As Product Manufacturing companies strive for innovation and speed in order to sustain their competitive advantage…

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Financial Services

Financial Services companies today compete based on product innovation, mass customization,…

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Healthcare and Medical Devices

Reliability, safety, security and quality control factors drive the success, and contribute to the reputation of companies in this segment.

With their landscapes further complicated by evolving regulations and compliance, these organizations rely on proven technologies to develop their products and services.

The review, discussion and approval functions in Modern Requirements4TFS help diverse groups of business, client, and IT stakeholders worldwide.

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Government and Defense Industry

In the hyper-secure landscape of Government and Defense organizations today, meeting evolving stakeholders and beneficiary…

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Services and Technology Providers

Services and Technology Providers are driven by agility, availability, and transparency today. Delivering industry best practices with…

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Case Studies

Varian developed a new ADLM process fully based on TFS and Modern Requirements4TFS

Operating in regulated industry, Varian needed to automate their stringent record-keeping and reporting practices in order to introduce a leaner process.

Parallon extended the use of TFS with Modern Requirements to create a single source of truth

Parallon is one of the country’s largest premier revenue cycle partners, with more than 15,800 employees serving 600+ hospitals and 3,000+ physician practices. Annually, they collect more than $41 billion and interact with 37 million patients.

Customer Success Stories

50% requirements productivity improvement

50% UAT effort reduction

10-fold reduction in development rework

40% reduction in compliance reporting efforts

Significant reduction in approval delays

80% time saving on creating Trace Analysis

Agile practices for adaptive software development require tools that must exhibit capabilities to enable fast feedback cycles and early customer involvement.

Define and Manage Requirements