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Azure DevOps

Modern requirements tools that are trusted by the world's leading manufacturing companies.

As product manufacturing companies strive for innovation and speed to sustain their competitive advantage, getting requirements right the first time is critical. Whether it’s hardware, firmware, or software, managing requirements and compliance is a crucial capability of Modern Requirements4DevOps which is built on Microsoft’s leading Azure DevOps.

Requirements Management Tools for the Product Engineering Industry

Modern Requirements4DevOps

Requirements Documents

Build requirements and documentation at the same time using our industry-recognized Smart Docs tool. Allow your team to build documentation directly within your Azure DevOps/ TFS projects.

One-Click Reports

Maintain auditability through the use of our one-click reporting tools. Create difference reports show the changes between two sets of work items, or review audit reports complete with timestamps.

Online Reviews

Online Part 11 Compliant Reviews that bring teams together. Collaborate with your entire team in the same space with our free-to-participate reviews!

Reusable Baselines

Create requirements Baselines from anywhere within your Azure DevOps project. Easily compare Baselines for to instantly identify requirements change. Reuse Baselines across projects, collections and servers.

The only Requirements Management tools built into Azure DevOps
for Product Engineering companies

Business and System Requirements in Azure DevOps

Author and link Business and System Requirements

Using Modern Requirements4DevOps allows teams to leverage the powerful capabilities of Azure DevOps. Microsoft’s industry-leading platform allows teams to easily create Business and System Requirements in the same project, while Modern Requirements enables you to interact and manage these requirements more simply than ever before.  

Define and Mitigate Risks and Hazards

Our Requirements Management solutions offer teams the ability to easily create Risk and Hazard work items that define and link Risks and Hazards to other requirements within your project. We even offer fully compliant requirements templates that allow you to get started with your Azure DevOps project quickly and with everything you need to mitigate Risks and Hazards.

Risks in Azure DevOps

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Baselines in Azure DevOps

Control Release Scope using Baselines

Use Reviews and Baselines in tandem to easily facilitate, identify, and manage the changes to requirements. Our workflow tools provide your team with the ability to easily manage scope creep and identify places where changing requirements need to be reassessed. We also support the ability to Reuse Baselines across projects, and roll-back work item Baselines without losing any data.

Ensure Requirements and Test Coverage

Use fully configurable, and always up-to-date, traceability matrices that allow you to easily ensure traceability project wide. With two powerful matrix types, our Trace Analysis tool offers teams the full capabilities required to maintain project-wide end-to-end traceability. Our matrices can be created in minutes and are always up-to-date. This allows team to easily view project traceability quickly, with the ability to turn any matrix into a distributable report with the click of a button.  

Requirements Test Coverage in Azure DevOps

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Skip the need for setup and get started using our tools in our sample environment. Try our pre-built COMPLIANCE, BABOK, CMMI, or Agile and SCRUM templates and experience the full capabilities of Modern Requirements.

Our hosted environment is built to give your team all of the tools they need to succeed without any setup.

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