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Azure DevOps

A trusted Requirements Management Tool designed for Aerospace and Automotive companies

Whether it’s testing for functional safety and operational risk in automotive systems or ensuring health and public safety compliance in aerospace, Modern Requirements4DevOps provides the necessary coverage and support to meet these critical demands and has the added advantage on being built on Microsoft’s leading platform, Azure DevOps.

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Prioritizing Safety, Compliance and Testing


Managing requirements in both the automotive and aerospace industries entails unique challenges, demanding precision, timing, and adherence to strict safety standards. Our specialized tool offers comprehensive solutions for defining requirements, conducting thorough system testing, managing risk, and ensuring compliance with Government, aviation, and aerospace regulations.

Built-in features created to streamline your
processes and automate workflows

Manage and Mitigate Risk 

Identify, track, and mitigate risks throughout the design, development, and testing phases.  Using features like Smart Docs, Baselining, Requirements Reuse, Trace Analysis, and MatCal, work more efficiently and with fewer errors.

Traceability and Testing

Generate Smart Reports and Traceability Matrices as well as Test Hub information reporting. Gain complete end-to-end traceability, connecting requirements, test cases, work items, source code, and resources seamlessly.

Compliance Reporting 

Use a cutting-edge platform that upholds vital safety-critical standards and regulations, enabling swift project deployment without compromising compliance. Adheres to ASPICE and ARP 4754/ED-79 standards.

Reusable Baselines

Create requirements Baselines from anywhere within your Azure DevOps project. Easily compare Baselines for to instantly identify requirements change. Reuse Baselines across projects, collections and servers.

Version and Variant Management

Keep track of different software and hardware versions and hardware variants with the Version and Variant Management Tool. Create variant packages with distinct and similar work items  and define and identify requirements and test cases that belong to each version of the software.

Manage Documents

Build requirements and documentation at the same time using our industry-recognized Smart Docs and Document Management Tools. Allow your team to build documentation directly within your Azure DevOps projects.

Exchange Requirements easily with ReqIF4DevOps

Exchange requirements and data efficiently with any tool that supports the ReqIF standard with ReqIF4DevOps-the only ADO-Based ReqIF Exchange Tool

Easily automate with Copilot4DevOps

Use our newest AI-integrated tool Copilot4DevOps to automate tasks, improve the accuracy and quality of requirements and as a result, boost efficiency and productivity.

Exchange Information using domain models

Use our diagramming tool and sync bridges to help analyze design decisions, model consistency and design progress using Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).

The only Requirements Management tools built into Azure DevOps for Automotive and Aerospace Product Engineering

Author and Link Business and System Requirements

Modern Requirements4DevOps enables teams to harness the full potential of Azure DevOps by Microsoft. Azure DevOps allows teams to easily create Business and System Requirements in the same project, while Modern Requirements4DevOps enables you to interact and manage these requirements more simply than ever before.

Define and Mitigate Risks and Hazards

Our Requirements Management solutions offer teams the ability to easily create Risk and Hazard work items that define and link Risks and Hazards to other requirements within your project. We even offer fully compliant requirements templates that allow you to get started with your Azure DevOps project quickly and with everything you need to mitigate Risks and Hazards.

Control Release Scope with Baselines

Use Reviews and Baselines in tandem to easily facilitate, identify, and manage the changes to requirements. Our workflow tools provide your team with the ability to easily manage scope creep and identify places where changing requirements need to be reassessed. We promote Regulatory Compliance by helping you build reusable repositories of Compliance Requirements.

Baselines in Azure DevOps
Requirements Test Coverage in Azure DevOps

Ensure Requirements and Test Coverage

Use fully configurable, and always up-to-date, traceability matrices that allow you to easily ensure traceability project wide. Support Regulatory Compliance by exporting your Requirements Traceability Matrices to Excel for easy storage. Our matrices can be created in minutes and are always up-to-date. This allows team to easily view project traceability quickly, with the ability to turn any matrix into a distributable report with the click of a button.

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