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Azure DevOps

Requirements Management Tools built for Azure DevOps

our requirements management tools work with ADO Server and Service!

Turn your Azure DevOps project into a collaborative workspace and ditch old copy/paste based manual processes. Create, automate, manage, analyze, and report directly from your project.  

Requirements Management Tools for Azure DevOps

Rely on award-winning solution to power your project &
requirements lifecycle in Azure DevOps

See how Modern

  • Provides one single source of truth!
  • Is fully embedded within Azure DevOps!
  • Extends your project into a full RM Solution!

Author requirements your way.

Whether members of your team build diagrams or documents, our tools allow you to take any approach to creating requirements. Whichever Modern Requirements4DevOps tool you use, every requirement you create will exist directly within your Azure DevOps project.

Build living requirements documents inside your project that include your existing Azure DevOps requirements. Create Diagrams without leaving your Azure DevOps project.

All of our authoring tools allow you to connect your existing requirements, or can be used to author new requirements into your project. Take authoring a step further and use our automation tools to help your team generate User Stories, Use Cases, and Test Cases.

Requirements Management Tools for Authoring Requirements
smart docs requirements management tool

Smart Docs

Build living requirements documents that update with your requirements.

Use this tool to build fully versioned documents and link requirements or author new ones.

diagram requirements management tool


Build diagrams inside your project that can be linked directly to requirements.

Use this tool to automatically generate User Stories and Test Cases.

use case requirements management tool

Use Cases

Create Use Cases whose steps can be turned into requirements quickly and easily.

Use this tool to write Use Cases textually and automatically generate a Use Case Diagram.

faq requirements management tool


Pre-built question lists that help your team gather requirements faster and easier.

Use this tool to ensure that you gather robust and comprehensive requirements.

mockup requirements management tool


Prototype, wireframe, and mockup the interfaces your team needs to create.

Use this tool to attach requirements directly to mockups you already have, or create new ones.

smart notes requirements management tool

Smart Notes

Take a free-form approach to creating requirements content.

Use this tool to take mind-map requirements content without restriction.

Built-in workflows that work.

Bring Stakeholders and team members together by allowing them to collaborate within the same space. Build online requirements reviews directly from within your project. Invite Stakeholders and team members alike to request and facilitate change. 

Baseline your requirements before and after reviews to quickly and easily capture changing requirements. Compare baselines easily to assess what requirements might have been added, removed, or changed over the course of time. 

Create Traceability Matrices in under a minute that allow you to easily capture end-to-end traceability and identify orphaned requirements.

End-to-end traceability.

Reduce traceability gaps in your requirements management process.

Create Horizontal Traceability Matrices to view your project’s end-to-end traceability in seconds. 

Use the Intersection Matrix to easily view, manage, and change the relationships between work items in your project. 

Ensure test coverage and traceability that is easily exported, and that is always up to date.

Regulatory and auditability reports.

Discover reporting tools that allow your team to easily output any requirements directly from your Azure DevOps projects.

Using our Smart Report tool you can easily report any diagrams, documents, traceability matrices, and more directly from your project.

Need to build more advanced reports? Use our designated Reporting tool to type up the static content you would like included in your report, and easily add in the results of Azure DevOps queries.

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We offer all of the capabilities needed to create an effective requirements management process within Azure DevOps.


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