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Azure DevOps

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Modern Requirements4DevOps is built on Microsoft’s Azure DevOps platform and helps financial services companies compete and succeed in their pursuit of product innovation and accurate requirements fulfillment. MR4DevOps supports a range of development methodologies including Agile, Waterfall and even a hybrid approach.

Solutions for Banking, Insurance and Finance Firms

MR4DevOps is built to assist with the development, testing, and management of your software assets and core financial systems. With ongoing and unprecedented changes in the financial services industry, it is especially critical to maintain compliance with the complex and increasing regulations, processes and financial controls to make your development process efficient. Let MR4DevOps help you access powerful requirements management tools to assist with compliance and to mitigate risk in your industry while still innovating.

Manage Requirements, Pipelines,
Test Results and Releases in a Single Source of Truth

Flexible Methodology

Stay adaptable by customizing your own process within MR4DevOps whether it’s SAFe, Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid, etc. Or use one of many downloadable process templates like BABOK, Scrum-MR, Agile-MR, and more.

Manage Change

Keep track of changes to your project with change management. Easily compare Baselines to instantly identify requirements change. Understand how changed Work Items affect others with Impact Assessment. Document all alterations with Smart Report.


Reuse requirements to lower overhead and save time when starting a new project. Maximize reuse of common elements like business rules, NFRs, documentation, and more.

Manage and Mitigate Risk

Identify and reduce expensive losses with MR4DevOps. Using features like Smart Docs, Baselining, Requirements Reuse, Trace Analysis, and MatCal, work more efficiently and with fewer errors.

Integrate visuals with textual requirements

Use visual aids when text isn’t enough. Create diagrams, flows, and functional wireframes to visualize the process or product and gain insight into successes and failures to meet stakeholder needs.

Compliance Reporting

Stay innovative while remaining compliant with applicable regulations, processes and financial controls such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, and FATCA. Streamline compliance with powerful reporting, workflows and traceability and use our FAQ tool to help scope and enable reuse. Save time by establishing and reusing business rules.

Author and Link Business and System Requirements

Modern Requirements4DevOps enables teams to harness the full potential of Azure DevOps by Microsoft. Azure DevOps allows teams to easily create Business and System Requirements in the same project, while Modern Requirements4DevOps enables you to interact and manage these requirements more simply than ever before.

Manage Reviews and Approvals

Use our CFR 21 Part 11 Compliant online reviews to streamline your approval process. Remove approval delays by actively involving your Stakeholders in the approval of both Azure DevOps Work Items as well as Requirements Documents you create in our Smart Docs module (built seamlessly into Azure DevOps). To increase auditability, we allow you to easily create one-click reports that detail, and timestamp, all actions, comments, and changes that occurred during a review process!

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Learn how Documentation, Reviews, and Baselines can help you maintain regulatory compliance!

Requirements Test Coverage in Azure DevOps

Ensure Requirements and Test Coverage

Use fully configurable, and always up-to-date, traceability matrices that allow you to easily ensure traceability project wide. With two powerful matrix types, our Trace Analysis tool offers teams the full capabilities required to maintain project-wide end-to-end traceability. Our matrices can be created in minutes and are always up-to-date. This allows team to easily view project traceability quickly, with the ability to turn any matrix into a distributable report with the click of a button.

Control Release Scope with Baselines

Use Reviews and Baselines in tandem to easily facilitate, identify, and manage the changes to requirements. Our workflow tools provide your team with the ability to easily manage scope creep and identify places where changing requirements need to be reassessed. We also support the ability to Reuse Baselines across projects, and roll-back work item Baselines without losing any data.

Baselines in Azure DevOps

Ensure Requirements and Test
Coverage Modern Requirements4DevOps

Both options include access to support and training resources for requirements management best practices!

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