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Go-to Microsoft partner for requirements management since 2015

About Modern Requirements

Building requirements management tools since 2006!

Our mission

At Modern Requirements, we are passionate about providing organizations with industry-leading requirements management solutions natively built into Azure DevOps. We help unite teams under a single source of truth, allowing them to effortlessly automate, simplify complexity, excel in project delivery, and stay at the forefront of their industries. With a focus on efficiency, clarity, and transformative technology, we aim to be the driving force behind teams mastering the intricacies of requirements management, thereby reshaping how they approach and succeed in their development endeavors.

How we started

Modern Requirements’ journey began when its founder, Asif Sharif, noticed widespread gaps in understanding and communicating project requirements among stakeholders, leading to significant discrepancies. To address this, he introduced the first Requirements Solution, inteGREAT, in 2006, offering a robust platform for both textual and visual requirement authoring.

This later evolved to Modern Requirements4DevOps and the innovation fostered a strong bond with Microsoft by 2010, positioning Modern Requirements as the preferred partner for Microsoft’s Requirements Management. Renowned in the industry, especially among users of Microsoft’s ALM tools such as Azure DevOps Server and Azure DevOps, Modern Requirements has consistently topped Seilevel’s requirements tool studies. The company later developed other products such as Requirements4DevOps and CodelessOne both stemming from a need in the market.

Quality and Innovation

Its latest innovation is the AI Requirements Management Assistant Copilot4DevOps, a game changer in Requirements Management designed to enhance collaboration, automate tedious tasks, and ensure the highest standards of precision.

Modern Requirements is ISO 9001:2015 certified. The company has showcased its proficiency in consistently delivering top-notch solutions that not only meet industry benchmarks but also surpass customer anticipations. This certification underscores the company’s dedication to continuously providing technological prowess. It also exemplifies an unwavering commitment to enhancing the processes associated with product development and testing, catering to customer requirements, nurturing strong partnerships, and ensuring supplier accountability.

The company has also received high praise from Forrester Research and positive acknowledgments from other industry leaders like Gartner, solidifying its stature and expanding partnerships. 

Modern Requirements is also a Gold Medalist and Champion Requirements Management Solution, winning multiple awards consecutively from SoftwareReviews. SoftwareReviews is a division of Info-Tech Research Group, a third-party, independent IT research and advisory firm. 

Where we're headed

Modern Requirements continues to forge a new path for Requirements authoring, elicitation, analysis and collaboration. Using client feedback and constant discussion with leaders of industry, Modern Requirements continues to add new functionality that keeps your organization on top and in control.

We believe that the future is bright for our Requirements Management Solution as we work to bring cognitive-based AI tools into the requirements space. We are constantly carving the pathway for new, comprehensive and insightful solutions to speed up your requirements management processes.

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Meet Our Management Team

Founder & Chief Technologist

SVP – Global Sales

Bob Savelson

SVP-Global Strategic Sales

Ron Altree

SVP – Business Strategy

Amar Gangwani

VP – Operations

Ather Hashmi

VP – Professional Services

Dane Crawford

Director of Sales

Darshanie Mahadeo

Co-Director of Marketing

Rosy Guan

Co-Director of Marketing

Shahla Joseph

Senior Director – Customer Success

Umair Abbasi

Director- Customer Support

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