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What are non-functional requirements?

What are non-functional requirements? As the use of non-functional requirements has evolved, the differences between functional and non-functional requirements have become much less apparent. In this article we discuss the
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The Importance and Benefits of Business Analysts in DevOps​

Most businesses know about the practice of DevOps but few manage to successfully implement the powerful methodology.
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Using a Requirements Traceability Matrix to improve project quality

The Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) is a planning tool to help ensure that a project’s scope, requirements, and deliverables remain “as is” when compared to the baseline.
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Why use Azure DevOps (cloud-based) or Azure DevOps Server?

With Modern Requirements, users can take a Microsoft Word or Visio approach to textual and visual requirements authoring.
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Why is baselining a critical strategy?

A project’s baseline is used to measure how performance deviates from the initial plan.
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Uncomplicate Compliance: Modern Requirements’ solutions for medical device makers

More than ever before, medical device manufacturers are hard-pressed to deliver products that enable faster, cost-effective and more efficient patient care.
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