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Modern Requirements shares AI tools for DevOps at PSIS 2024

TORONTO, [February 27th, 2024] – Modern Requirements, a trailblazer in requirements management solutions, proudly attended the Public Sector Innovation Show (PSIS) 2024 hosted by the Public Sector Network on February 27th, 2023 in Ottawa, Canada. This dynamic event was a testament to Canada’s commitment to sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous development.

The Public Sector Innovation Show showcased Canada’s dedication to mission-oriented objectives, tackling pressing challenges with cutting-edge solutions. From advancing digital governance to leveraging data analytics and transformative technologies, the event underscored the collaborative efforts and boundless ingenuity required for progress. The event provided a platform to unlock the potential of innovation within the public sector. Attendees explored the latest breakthroughs, exchanged transformative ideas, and gained insights that will contribute to shaping a stronger, more resilient Canada.

Modern Requirements actively participated in this high-octane, one-day gathering of leaders and decision-makers. Asif Sharif, CEO and Founder of Modern Requirements and Codeless One, delivered a keynote speech in the Technology Track of the session titled “Accelerating DevOps with AI: A Roadmap for Success.” Here he discussed the direction of Generative AI in the world of DevOps and used case studies and examples of how the innovative AI tool Copilot4DevOps, a new feature and AI assistant built into Modern Requirements4DevOps was shaping the future of requirements management. He also shared a no-code innovative product called Codeless One, a product of Modern Requirements that is a solution for users to prototype, build, and launch enterprise-level applications without a single line of code.

Asif Sharif, CEO, Modern Requirements speaks at PSIS 2024 on AI in Azure DevOps
Asif Sharif, CEO and Founder, Modern Requirements and Codeless One, delivers a keynote at the Public Sector Innovation Show 2024 on AI in DevOps.

Following this session, Shihan Fernando, SVP Global Sales, Modern Requirements was invited to moderate a panel discussion on “Innovation in the Government: Paving the way for a Tech-Savvy Future.” The panel included speakers like Alyssa Daku, Director General, Innovator’s Experience Branch, Innovation, Science and Economic Development; Samantha Rahim, Chief Information Officer, Deputy Chief Security Office, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada & Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada and Robert Falzon, Head of Engineering, Office of the CTO, Check Point.

Shihan then hosted a Roundtable Discussion alongside Asif Sharif on “Risks, Threats and Opportunities of AI in DevOps,” where attendees had an opportunity to delve into the topic and explore the possibilities and future of AI, especially in the area of DevOps.

“In the evolving landscape of public sector innovation, Modern Requirements and Codeless One are honored to have played a pivotal role at the PSIS 2024. Our engagement, from a keynote on AI-driven DevOps to moderating a panel on government innovation, reflects our commitment to shaping a tech-savvy future. The event was a testament to collaborative efforts, and we are excited about contributing to a resilient and progressive Canada through transformative ideas and innovation.” – Shihan Fernando, SVP Global Sales, Modern Requirements

By participating in the Public Sector Innovation Show 2024, Modern Requirements continues to contribute to igniting a new era of progressive governance. For more information about Modern Requirements and its commitment to innovation, please visit

About Modern Requirements

Modern Requirements is the leading enterprise requirements lifecycle solutions provider. Its award-winning flagship product, Modern Requirements4DevOps, is fully embedded in Azure DevOps. Referred to as Microsoft’s Requirements Management go-to partner, Modern Requirements has become an industry staple for those positioned on Microsoft’s leading ALM tools – Azure DevOps Server and Azure DevOps. Modern Requirement4DevOps supports agile, waterfall, and hybrid requirements approaches. It includes an industry-leading feature set with complete project auditability and now includes an AI feature called Copilot4DevOps.

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