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Go-to Microsoft partner for requirements management since 2015

Azure DevOps

Rely on award-winning solution to power your project & requirements lifecycle in Azure DevOps

Modern Requirements is the only requirements management solution built directly in Azure DevOps and a gold medalist named by independent IT research firms. It also has an incredibly powerful AI tool called Copilot4DevOps that is changing the game in Requirements Management.

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Why Choose Modern Requirements?

According to professionals like yourself & Info-Tech Research Group, you will:

Use the best-in-class solution in the market

Emotional Footprint award for Modern Requirements

Love & trust us for years to come

Emotional Footprint award for Modern Requirements

Need us to continuously improve requirements lifecycle and drive real business value

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Have access to knowledgeable teams and plenty of useful resources

Information stated derived from an extensive study conducted by
an independent, third-party research group.

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How Customers Describe Us

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Why You Need Modern Requirements

Simplify Compliance

40% Reduction in compliance reporting efforts

Streamline Approvals

Significant reduction in approval delays

Reduce Rework

10-Fold reduction in development rework

Reduce UAT Efforts

50% Reduction in User Acceptance Testing efforts

Increase Performance

50% Requirements productivity improvement