Learn with Modern Requirements

Learn with Modern Requirements.

Our tools are designed to bring your teams together. By learning how to use our tools effectively, your team can build a full-featured, and robust requirements workflow directly within your Azure DevOps project. 


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Getting Started Quickly:

Modern Requirements Bootcamp

Bootcamp Topic 1

Documenting Requirements

Setting up a Document’s Structure – 3 mins

 Creating a Requirement’s Document – 4 mins

Reusable Document Templates – 3 mins

Version Documents – 4 mins

Outputting Documents – 4 mins

Bootcamp Topic 2

Manage + Review + Analyze

Build Collaborative Reviews – 3 mins

 Capture Change with Baselines – 6 mins

Requirements Traceability Matrices – 7 mins

Building a Workflow – 8 mins


Bootcamp Topic 3

Visualizing Requirements

Requirements Diagrams + Flows – 9 mins

Building Mockups in Azure DevOps – 4 mins

Building a Use Case Model in Azure DevOps – 5 mins

Bootcamp Topic 4

Elicitation + Final Thoughts

Building Question Lists – 2 mins

Building  Advanced Reports – 6 mins

– Next Steps –


In-depth with Modern Requirements4DevOps

Building Documents

Learn how to use Smart Docs to build living requirements documents and export them using our Smart Report module!
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Building Diagrams

Learn how to build Diagrams and connect your requirements to individual nodes of your Diagram.
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Learning Azure DevOps

Learn the fundamentals of working with Azure DevOps. Learn all of the native modules in this fast-paced tutorial series.
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Other Authoring Tools

Discover the our FAQ, Mockup, and Use Case modules for authoring and elicitation in Modern Requirements.
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Reporting Work Items

Learn how to easily output requirements and assets in either HTML, PDF, or as Microsoft Word documents.
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Review and Baselines

Learn the two tools required to build a Requirements workflow that helps you facilitate and manage change!
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Traceability Matrices

Learn the different Matrices you can build in our Trace Analysis module to create traceability in your project.
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Using Alice: BA Assistant

This module is an AI-inspired module built to help your team elicit requirements quickly.
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Using Smart Notes

This module provides teams with the ability to create meeting notes and perform ideation sessions within ADO!
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Modern Requirements Admin Panel

Learn how to effectively use the Modern Requirements admin panel to take full control of your project.
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Support Articles

Configuring MR Agent/ Services Tab

Configuring Modern Requirements4DevOps using the MR Agent/ Services Tab In this article we cover how to configure the MR Agent / Services Tab in MR4DevOps. The Services Tab currently offers
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The Admin Panel of Modern Requirements4DevOps

In this article we cover how to use the Modern Requirements4DevOps admin panel to enable and disable particular features in each MR4DevOps module.
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Activating Modern Requirements4DevOps

In this article we cover the simple steps required for teams to activate Modern Requirements4DevOps in both our embedded, and standalone versions.
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