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Webinar Recording: Copilot4DevOps 2.0: Enhancing Your Azure DevOps Workflow

This Webinar explores how the AI Requirements Management tool Copilot4DevOps has been enhanced to include new and improved features that empower your teams to work seamlessly and efficiently. Automate tedious tasks, accelerate decision-making, and ensure precision, allowing your team to focus on innovation and strategy.

Copilot4DevOps’ new functions and capabilities ensures that your requirements meet the highest standards for maximum efficiency and productivity. 

Copilot4DevOps includes the ability to:

  • Analyze
  • Translate
  • Elicit
  • Summarize
  • Convert to use case
  • Convert to Gherkin
  • Convert to user story
  • Paraphrase
  • Elaborate work item
  • Create Custom Instructions:
    • Style
    • Length
    • Language

Copilot4DevOps Plus includes everything from the Standard version plus:

  • Custom Instructions:
    • Model Selection 
    • Additional Instructions 
  • Dynamic prompts 
  • Pseudocode generation
  • Test scripts generation

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