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AI in Requirements Management: Copilot4DevOps

Over the past two years, artificial intelligence has well and truly gone mainstream. After disrupting various other industries, AI requirements management tools are finally a reality. A big part of requirements management involves repeating the same tasks. Costly and repetitive tasks like these are one reason why only 35% of projects are successfully completed today.

To address this need, Modern Requirements has created “Copilot4DevOps,” an AI requirements management tool to maximize your employee productivity and efficiency. Your team can now delegate 80% of the work, leaving 20% for high level human decision-making. The net result is faster requirements authoring, sharper requirements analysis, and fewer errors.

Built on Modern Requirements’ powerful collaborative framework, you can draw on the relevant data and convert them into meaningful insights, summaries, and use cases. And because Modern Requirements is natively built into Azure DevOps, you can turn ADO into a comprehensive ALM solution with a powerful AI assistant. Here is how Copilot4DevOps works

Organizational Benefits

Copilot4DevOps augments many of the benefits that Modern Requirements already offers in several ways.

  • Higher Quality: Complete, accurate, and consistent documentation ably translated into user cases or gherkins, increases the overall quality of your products. AI assistance is proven to produce happier employees and more productive employees.
  • Faster Time to Market: Professionals like Business Analysts (BA), Systems Analysts (SA), Developers, Quality Assurance Managers (QA), and Project Manager (PM) work faster through the crucial requirements authoring phase of the project lifecycle, reducing time to market and saving UAT; all within the single source of truth model that makes Modern Requirements4DevOps an industry standard. All these features are available with a user-friendly and flexible interface with outputs tuned to management requirements needs.
  • Lower Cost: Quickly create and reuse high-quality requirements that lowers requirements and development rework and lowers overall project cost.
  • Built on Azure DevOps and Modern Requirements: You can access the benefits that Modern Requirements4DevOps offers users alongside Azure DevOps like Smart Docs, Impact Assessment, Version Package Management, and more. You also turn Microsoft Azure DevOps into a single source of truth with Modern Requirements’ native integration.
  • Stay Secure and in Control: Get all of Microsoft and OpenAI’s latest security updates and protocols. If your organization’s privacy and security doesn’t allow for AI integration, turn Copilot4DevOps off at an admin level. Modern Requirements’ award-winning features set is still available!
See how it works:

Level up your product quality and time-to-market today with AI.

How to Use Copilot4DevOps

Copilot4DevOps helps teams and companies create higher quality products at a lower cost through better AI requirements management. Here are some tasks you can perform with Copilot4DevOps:

a. Analysis

With Copilot4DevOps, you can rate the quality of work item data measured against the 6C’s (i.e., clarity, completeness, conciseness, consistency, correctness, and context). The results are rated on a scale of 0% to 100%.

Copilot4DevOps analyzing a written requirement for quality.
Copilot4DevOps can serve as a valuable learning tool for BAs by analyzing requirements quality.

This qualitative analysis allows you to evaluate the quality of communication and identify any areas that need improvement. Therefore, it reduces the time and effort required for manual authoring.

b. Elicitation and Rewriting

You can enter requirements in a draft format and get those results formatted in bullet form or as a paragraph. If the returned text is to your liking, you can edit and/or replace it within the requirement window.

Modern Requirements AI requirements management tools generating additional detail for a requirements.
You can pick and edit requirements that you generate using Copilot4DevOps.

c. Summarizing

You can enter requirements in a draft format and get those results formatted in bullet form or as a paragraph. If the returned text is to your liking, you can edit and/or replace it within the requirement window.

Copilot4DevOps briefly summarizing longer requirements documentation.
Summarizing helps project managers accurately get the gist of long requirements documentation so they can take quick decisions.

d. Elaboration

You can add more detail to an already written requirement, giving you options to choose and edit. It reduces the need for additional input and ensures a more comprehensive suite of requirements.

Modern Requirements AI requirements management tools generating additional detail for a requirements.
Elaborating helps build on sparsely written requirements documentation.

e. Converting Work Items to Use Cases/User Stories

You can convert selected work item fields into use cases from an ACTOR or USER perspective at the touch of a button.

Copilot4DevOps returning use case with summary, actors, pre-conditions, and post-conditions on the right of the screen.
AI requirements management can help you generate detailed use cases.

f. Gherkin Language Translation

Tools like Gherkins can help you better understand what your user wants and let you serve them better.

Gherkin syntax diagram showing a scenario to understand user needs.
Gherkin syntax helps you generate the essential requirements for the user.

Gherkin tests allow product teams to describe needs for new products. With Copilot4DevOps, you can automatically convert requirements to Gherkin language syntax. It speeds up the process of turning requirements to test cases, improving overall time-to-market.

User interface with Gherkin syntax generated by AI on the right hand side from requirements data on the left.
AI-generated and editable Gherkin syntax helps you better understand the user.

g. Translation

You can translate work item data to multiple languages with high accuracy. This is especially helpful for highly distributed teams who communicate in different languages and teams which serve customers in different language communities.

Accurate requirements translation improves company collaboration.
Accurate requirements translation improves company collaboration.

All these benefits work together to make Copilot4DevOps a powerful assistant at every stage of your application lifecycle.

Flow chart showing the hierarchy from project name to unit test case.
EffectiveAI requirements management tools can provide value at each step of the requirements management process.

AI Requirements Management and The Microsoft Factor

By leveraging the power of the artificial intelligence, “Copilot4DevOps” by Modern Requirements, you can speed up your requirements authoring, sharpen requirements analysis, and commit fewer errors.

Copilot4DevOps integrates with Modern Requirements’ powerful collaborative framework, which includes powerful tools like Smart Docs, Version Package Management, Smart Reports, Trace Analysis, Baselining and more. In turn, Modern Requirements brings with it all the benefits of Azure DevOps, extending it into an all-purpose application lifecycle management solution integrated with the larger Microsoft ecosystem.

Achieve optimum performance in requirements management today!

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