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Webinar: Supercharge Your Requirements Quality with Copilot4DevOps - Powered by OpenAI

In this webinar, we showcase the upcoming new AI tool for Requirements Management: Copilot4DevOps, powered by OpenAI. If you’re looking to improve your requirements quality, increase productivity, save time, and reduce cost with cutting-edge AI then this is the solution you’ve been looking for! This is a preview of this revolutionary tool based on Microsoft’s Open AI API. See how it supports your quality analysis, requirement elicitation, format conversion, and more.

You will learn:

  1. How AI technology in requirements management is revolutionizing product development
  2. How Copilot4DevOps helps you save time, reduces cost and doubles productivity in your role as project managers, developers, QA’s, and BA’s
  3. How Copilot4DevOps enhances your requirements workflow and improves the quality of your requirements
  4. How this AI tool can simplify many requirements management tasks project stakeholders face, like converting requirements data into use cases, user stories, and Gherkins
  5. How CoPilot4DevOps integrates and interacts with other Modern Requirements tools to boost your productivity
  6. How our relationship with Microsoft means you will always access the latest, greatest, and safest OpenAI security updates

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