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Webinar: Harnessing the Power of Generative AI for Effective Requirements Management

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Modern Analyst Invites Modern Requirements for Webinar

In this Webinar we explore the impact of AI on Requirements Management. This is an in-depth discussion and detailed demo on how you can turn Azure DevOps into a powerful requirements management solution and leverage cutting-edge AI capabilities.We share insight on how the built-in Generative AI tool, Copilot4DevOps can support your quality analysis, requirements elicitation, test case generation, and more.Here’s what is covered:1. How to extend Azure DevOps into an all-in-one requirements management solution2. How to leverage Copilot4DevOps and Generative AI to enhance your requirements workflow and quality3. How to save time, reduce cost, and accelerate productivity as business analysts, quality assurance, project managers, and developers4. How AI can support you so you can focus on high-level strategy5. How Copilot4DevOps keeps you secure with Microsoft and OpenAI’s cutting edge security protocol6. How and why using AI in workflows can bring you happiness!

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