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Modern Requirements logo tied closely with the Microsoft and OpenAI logos via their AI requirements management solution.

AI Security and Data Privacy with Copilot4DevOps

The age of generative artificial intelligence has made AI security and data privacy a key concern for companies. In 2022 alone, the Shanghai Police lost 500 million records while Facebook lost 533 million records due to data breaches. A data breach today costs more than 4.5 million dollars. These statistics alone irrefutably show that companies should be concerned about breaches.

Considering this, Modern Requirements4DevOps’ AI feature, Copilot4DevOps was designed to inherit the latest security features and updates from Microsoft and OpenAI for the best possible AI security. This blog dives into the power of Copilot4DevOps and into its security features.

1. The Power of Copilot4DevOps

AI-powered tools are changing software development by boosting productivity, reducing barriers to entry and making for more fulfilled workers. A study showed 18% of workers had improved quality and 40% greater productivity while using AI for certain tasks. This productivity boost is now being felt across industries and even in specific niches.

Copilot4DevOps is a game-changing AI requirements management assistant built into Modern Requirements4DevOps which helps boost your employees’ productivity and efficiency. With its user-friendly interface and integration into Azure DevOps, project managers, product owners, developers, quality assurance, and business analysts can save time, enhance collaboration, and improve their accuracy.

User interface of Copilot4DevOps, an AI requirements management tool by Modern Requirements.
Copilot4DevOps provides an AI requirements management solution for tasks like analysis, elicitation and more.

Copilot4DevOps equips your BAs, QAs, PMs, and developers with several features to improve output quality and speed up their project timeline. Here’s what it can do:

Features Functions Benefits
Elicit Generate high-quality requirements, test cases, risks and mitigation for any domain. Productivity
Analyze Analyze quality of requirements and related details. Quality
Summarize Create a brief abstract or reframe requirements. Quality
Elaborate Add more detail to a work item. Productivity
Convert to Use Case/ User Story Describe requirements from an ACTOR and USER perspective. Productivity
Translate Translate work item data to multiple languages with high accuracy. Collaboration
Convert to Gherkin Automatically convert requirements to Gherkin Productivity

2. Copilot4DevOps and AI Security

Security is a key priority for Modern Requirements. For this reason, Copilot4DevOps is launching with the OpenAI API, and its security features enumerated above. Following the Copilot4DevOps launch, Modern Requirements will move to the Azure OpenAI Service soon.  

None of the user prompts and completions are used for improving AI models.

If your company has policies against using AI tools within your organization, you can turn Copilot4DevOps off at an admin level at any time.

User interface of Copilot4DevOps by Modern Requirements showing its on/off button.
You can turn Copilot4DevOps on or off at an admin level.

3. Data Privacy with OpenAI

Copilot4DevOPs logo in the foreground on a computer with the Microsoft and OpenAI logos in the background.
Copilot4DevOps doesn't use your data for training

Because of AI’s privacy sensitive nature, Copilot4DevOps inherits OpenAI’s security policies shown in the OpenAI blog. These may be summarized as follows:

  1. Enterprise Privacy at OpenAI:
    • Ownership: OpenAI doesn’t use your data for training.
    • Control: You decide who has access. Custom models are exclusively yours.
    • Security: OpenAI is audited for SOC 2 compliance and data is encrypted.

  2. FAQ:
    • Training on Business Data: OpenAI doesn’t train models on business data.
    • Fine-Tuning Your Model: Your company’s internal model is private.
    • Data Security: OpenAI encrypts all data at rest (AES-256) and in transit (TLS 1.2+). Access control is also strictly restricted.
    • GDPR and Privacy Laws: We can support compliance with Data Processing Addendum.

  3. API Platform:
    • Copilot4DevOps derives from OpenAI’s API platform, which offers access to models and applications, including fine-tuning for use cases.
    • Data Retention and Monitoring: Secure retention of API data, zero data retention option available.

For more information about OpenAI’s Enterprise Privacy policy, please visit the blog.

Developers interacted with a bot, swiftly identifying risks and compliance factors, thereby enhancing requirement quality. Additionally, AI-driven analysis conducted a thorough quality check, reducing errors and boosting efficiency.

The net effect of this is that AI in DevOps makes employees happier and more productive.

4. Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service: Ensuring Security

Copilot4DevOps logo connected to icons for translation, documentation, settings, and security.
Copilot4DevOps draws many of its safety and security protocols from Azure OpenAI Service.

Modern Requirements has long been known as the “go-to” requirements management solution for Microsoft’s Azure DevOps. Microsoft has an ownership stake in OpenAI and Copilot4DevOps uses the OpenAI API. As a result, Copilot4DevOps inherits Azure OpenAI’s Service data privacy policies as well, including

OpenAI Service processes user data for providing the service and monitoring violations. User data, including prompts, completions, embeddings, and training data:

  • Is not shared with others
  • Is not used to enhance OpenAI or Microsoft models
  • Is not employed for improving products or services

Fine-tuned models created with user data are exclusive for the user’s database and not used by OpenAI, Microsoft, or Modern Requirements.

The Azure Open AI Service operates solely within Microsoft’s Azure environment, not OpenAI services. Data processing details are highlighted in this Microsoft blog.

5. Data Protection and Compliance

Government and regulatory agencies around the world have acknowledged the power of AI tools and have started looking into regulations. In response to this, Copilot4DevOps complies with the latest regulations through Microsoft and OpenAI. This includes:

  • Microsoft ensures data protection with the Microsoft Products and Services Data Protection Addendum.
  • ChatGPT Enterprise and API Platform comply with Europe’s GDPR and local privacy laws.
  • OpenAI can process a Data Processing Addendum (DPA) with customers.
  • OpenAI’s API Platform adheres to SOC 2 Type 2 compliance.
  • ChatGPT Enterprise adheres to SOC 2 Type 1 compliance and Type 2 compliance is coming soon.
  • For healthcare customers, OpenAI can sign Business Associate Agreements (BAA) to support customer compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Beyond Copilot4DevOps, Modern Requirements4DevOps is compliant with all relevant legislations and regulations to maintain compliance across various industries. For the automotive industry, Modern Requirements provides ASPICE and ISO 26262 compliance. Other standards that Modern Requirements4DevOps is compliant with include SOC2, ISO 9001, ISO 9000, CFR Part 11, ISO 13485 ISO 14971, ISO 17491, and more available here.

6. Copilot4DevOps Leads the Way

The rise of generative artificial intelligence has increased the importance of AI security. Copilot4DevOps is a game-changing AI requirements management assistant with its built-in security features from Microsoft and OpenAI designed to help teams save time, money and have peace of mind.

Learn more about Copilot4DevOps and how it integrates security into software development workflows:

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