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Time Required: 10 minutes

Requirements Bootcamp Week #4

Final Thoughts

In our previous weeks we covered how Modern Requirements4DevOps can be used to author, report, manage, and analyze requirements. Documents and visualizations were reintroduced as a means of authoring and eliciting requirements. We covered how your team can define a simple-to-follow workflow that doesn’t require leaving your project. In this week’s content we cover a selection of the remaining tools offered by Modern Requirements and introduce you to the steps required to move forward with MR4DevOps today!

What you’ll learn:

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Week Four Overview


In this week we finish up this bootcamp by covering some of the remaining tools included with Modern Requirements4DevOps. We cover building waterfall oriented question lists that help you elicit requirements, as well as how to build crystal-like reports directly from your project. 

Once you’ve learn how these last tools work, we dive into some of the information your team might need to move forward with Modern Requirements. 

Building Question Lists for Elicitation

Final Thoughts

Asking the right questions means eliciting the right requirements. In this video we cover how to build question lists that help your team ask the right questions to elicit requirements. You will learn how to use pre-built question templates that cover over 2500 questions to quickly elicit non-functional requirements. You will learn how to modify the existing templates, as well as how to build your own question templates that are relevant to your team.


Building Advanced Reports

Final Thoughts

In this video we cover taking reporting requirements to a whole new level. Using our advanced Reporting tool, you’ll learn the benefit of making crystal-like reports that allow you to inject query results into your document content. You will learn the different situations where the advanced Reporting tool can be of more use than building Smart Reports. With a report created you’ll investigate how to use your knowledge of report templates (Smart Report) to customize how our queried information fits into your document.


Getting started with Modern Requirements4DevOps

All packages can be purchased as User Licenses or as Floating (concurrent) Licenses!



Traceability Matrices
Smart Reports
No Workflow tools
No in-depth authoring



Traceability Matrices
Reviews and Baselines
No visualization tools
No in-depth authoring



Best Seller
Use any authoring tool
All of our workflow tools
Requirements Documentation
Easily generate reports
End-End Traceability Analysis

Enterprise Plus


Every feature available
Preview features
Import from Word
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Requirements Features Per Edition

Enterprise Plus
Word Import
Smart Docs
Alice (BA Assistant)
Trace Analysis
Impact Analysis
Smart Report
Mockup Editor
Smart Notes
Advanced Reporting
Review Management
Use Case Editor
MR Mail
Custom ID
Dirty Flag

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