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Webinar Recap: The Power of Generative AI in Requirements Management

Artificial intelligence is here to stay and is revolutionizing industries one-by-one. Modern Requirements was invited by Modern Analyst for a webinar titled “Harnessing the Power of Generative AI for Effective Requirements Management.” Under the larger theme of “time is the ultimate currency,” the panel explored the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in requirements management.

Modern Requirements Chief Technologist and CEO, Asif Sharif and VP of Sales, Shihan Fernando presented their insights on how AI is transforming the requirements management space and how companies can stay steps ahead of the emerging technology game to boost productivity and ROI. The session was hosted by Tracy Cook of Modern Analyst.

Webinar: Harnessing the Power of Generative AI for Effective Requirements Management – YouTube

The session centered around several questions including:

  • How to extend Azure DevOps into an all-in-one requirements management solution
  • How to leverage Copilot4DevOps and Generative AI to enhance your requirements workflow and quality
  • How to save time, reduce cost, and accelerate productivity as business analysts, quality assurance, project managers, and developers
  • How AI can support you so you can focus on high-level strategy
  • How Copilot4DevOps keeps you secure with Microsoft and OpenAI’s cutting edge security protocol
  • How and why using AI in workflows can bring you happiness!

The presentation broke down into several themes:

1. The Microsoft Factor

The presenters shared that Nicole Dezen, the Chief Partner Officer and corporate VP of Global Partner Solutions at Microsoft recently recognized Modern Requirements as an AI Transformation Partner at the Microsoft Inspire Conference 2023. It is a continuation of Microsoft’s groundbreaking case study on Modern Requirements, exploring their AI integration with Microsoft Azure DevOps and Azure OpenAI Service.

The case study highlighted unprecedented efficiency, strategic transformation, and exponential change with AI-driven workflow automation attributed to the prowess of the AI integration tool developed by Modern Requirements.

In addition, the presenters shared Modern Requirements’ recent presentation at Infotech LIVE 2023, presenting a roadmap to AI in DevOps.

2. Empowering Azure DevOps: A Holistic Solution

Diagram showing how Modern Requirements plugs into and adds value to Azure DevOps.
You can turn Copilot4DevOps on or off at an admin level.

One of the central themes of the webinar was the transformation of Azure DevOps into an all-encompassing requirements management solution. Shihan Fernando presented Modern Requirements4DevOps, a suite of tools which extends ADO into a single source of truth for teams across multiple industries. He introduced several sets of tools and highlighted a few like:

  • Smart Docs: MS Word-like tool that is integrated into Azure DevOps.
  • Version & Variant: Version and Variant Management tools to manage complexity, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.
  • Copilot4DevOps: the game-changing generative AI requirements management tool and the main topic of the presentation.

3. AI in Requirements Management with Copilot4DevOps

A highlight of the event was the introduction of Copilot4DevOps, a cutting-edge AI tool designed to revolutionize requirements workflows. Attendees learned how this tool can:

  • Recommend requirements and test cases
  • Give you smart suggestions to summarize and elaborate
  • Eliminate human errors with automated quality checks
  • Convert requirements to use cases, user stories, and Gherkins
  • Paraphrase, reframe, and translate requirements
  • Keep your data secure using the latest political protocols


Shihan shared a real-world example of applying Copilot4DevOps in an insurance company. This implementation notably enhanced the productivity of business analysts, who overcame writer’s block and improved requirement elicitation. Testers effectively crafted test cases, while developers employed a bot for risk identification and AI-driven analysis to enhance requirement quality, ultimately reducing errors and improving overall efficiency. Finally, Asif Sharif demoed Copilot4DevOps’ features in detail, particularly its elicitation, analysis, use case conversion, Gherkins, and more. Sharif also teased an upcoming feature called ‘dynamic prompts,’ using which users can combine contextual data with a specific query to get rich insights.

Copilot4DevOps UI in Azure DevOps showing dynamic prompts.
Modern Requirements extends Microsoft Azure DevOps into a single source of truth.

Developers interacted with a bot, swiftly identifying risks and compliance factors, thereby enhancing requirement quality. Additionally, AI-driven analysis conducted a thorough quality check, reducing errors and boosting efficiency.

The net effect of this is that AI in DevOps makes employees happier and more productive.

4. Empowering Citizen Developers with Codeless ONE

Asif Sharif also took the opportunity to introduce Codeless ONE, an innovative AI-powered rapid prototyping platform that enables “citizen developer” employees like BAs to generate customized software for their company.

Slide showing the capabilities of Codeless One and its UI.
An AI platform for citizen developers to create custom software.

Codeless ONE empowers individuals to iterate from idea to reality in minutes saving up to $50,000 in app development cost. This is a massive saving in both time and productivity and helps companies gain efficiency through:

  • Internal business process automation
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Cost-effective development
  • Empower non-technical users to build applications
  • No-code integration

5. Future of AI in Requirements Management

Looking back, the webinar revealed a future where AI effortlessly integrates into the daily workflow of workers, making them more productive and happier. It highlighted AI’s technical prowess and emphasized how it’s a value-add to human workers rather than an employment threat. With businesses and professionals adopting these tools like Copilot4DevOps and Codeless ONE, companies using AI are poised for success in the 2020s and beyond.

Learn more about Copilot4DevOps and how it integrates security into software development workflows:

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