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Webinar Recap: Copilot4DevOps Plus: Enhancing Your Azure DevOps Workflow

This webinar explored how the AI requirements and work item management tool Copilot4DevOps has been enhanced to include new and improved features that empower your teams to work seamlessly and efficiently. The new version called Copilot4DevOps Plus can automate tedious tasks, accelerate decision-making, ensure precision, and allow your teams to focus on innovation and strategy to an even greater extent compared to the original. Modern Requirements’ aim is to save time and increase the efficiency of your existing team.

The session covered several topics:

  • Efficient Requirements Authoring: explored howCopilot4DevOps Plus, can craft high-quality requirements easier than ever before. We demonstrated how with just a few clicks it can save your team time and effort, streamlining your development process.
  • AI-Driven Analysis: How the 6Cs guide ensures thorough understanding and clear communication of your project requirements, thanks to precision analysis.
  • Three Amazing new features: The session showcased three powerful new features in Copilot4DevOps – Dynamic prompt, pseudocode, and test script.

1. The Microsoft Factor

Graphic showing how Modern Requirements is Microsoft's go-to requirements management partner.

VP of Global Sales, Shihan Fernando shared how Modern Requirements4DevOps is the only natively built requirements and work item management tool for Azure DevOps. He mentioned some of the organizational benefits for getting Azure DevOps with Modern Requirements4DevOps:

  • Modern Requirements is a Microsoft Gold Partner that works closely with your Microsoft Account team.
  • Our tools are available through the Azure Marketplace, which simplifies acquisition.
  • Offerings can apply against your organization’s Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC)

He also shared how Nicole Dezen, the Chief Partner Officer and corporate VP of Global Partner Solutions at Microsoft recently recognized Modern Requirements as an AI Transformation Partner at the Microsoft Inspire Conference 2023.

Shihan then showcased Modern Requirements4DevOps’ suite of tools (including Copilot4DevOps Plus) and how they plug seamlessly into Azure DevOps.

The intro was wrapped up with an overview of the success of Modern Requirements in 2023, which includes:

Transform Your Azure DevOps Workflow: Discover how Copilot4DevOps Plus can redefine efficiency and innovation in your team.

2. Copilot4DevOps Plus: The Next Level

CEO Modern Requirements, Asif Sharif introduced Copilot4DevOps Plus, the newest version of Modern Requirements’ game-changing AI requirements and work item management assistant. He stated that in his estimation, the enhanced tool is at least twice as powerful as the original version.

Graphic table showing the enhancements and pricing of Copilot4DevOps vs. Copilot4DevOps Plus.
Copilot4DevOps Plus brings a massive increase in power and productivity.
He then went on to demonstrate the results of its much lauded elicitation and analysis functions, followed by an exploration of the new features and UI improvements to help with employee workflow in Azure DevOps. Join the AI DevOps Revolution: Try Copilot4DevOps today and lead the way in innovative and efficient development. Click here for a free trial!

UI Improvements

  1. Token Quota Status: Users can now monitor their token consumption on the Token Quota Status. This helps them manage their work better. The token status resets at the beginning of every month.
UI showing Copilot4DevOps Plus and its Token Quota Status indicator.
Users can now control their token consumption using the Token Quota Status monitor.
  1. Custom Instructions: Users can now refine their interactions within Copilot4DevOps Plus with custom instructions which will allow them to:
  • Choose their preferred AI model – gpt-3.5-turbo-4k, gpt-3.5-turbo-16k, gpt-4-8k, and gpt-4-turbo
  • Choose their conversation style: More creative, more balanced, more precise
  • Choose their output length: short, medium, or long
  • Choose their response language: more than 40 languages available
  • Provide modifying prompts for output titles and details

Sharif then illustrated how the gpt-4-turbo model generated a much more detailed analysis on a set of requirements than the gpt-3.5-turbo-4k.


UI showing Copilot4DevOps Plus and its pseudocode generation capabilities on Azure DevOps.
Developers can use a variety of pseudocode formats with COpilot4DevOps

Copilot4DevOps can now generate pseudocode in many different languages like Javascript, C#, Ruby, Rust, Scala. This helps developers to create a rough draft of their code without having to deal with issues like syntax and other technicalities of coding languages.

Test Scripts

UI showing Copilot4DevOps Plus and its test script generation capabilities on Azure DevOps.
QAs can generate highly detailed test scripts with test script generation.

Users can now create test scripts in many languages like Selenium, Kotlin, Matlab, NoSQL, and more. When Modern Requirements’ internal testers started to use this functionality internally, they discovered that they were able to reduce their test scripting efforts by 60%. Users can now create test scripts either from test cases or generate test cases from requirements data using Copilot4DevOps Plus and use it again to create test scripts.

Dynamic Prompt

UI showing Copilot4DevOps Plus and its Dynamic Prompt capabilities on Azure DevOps.
Dynamic prompt is a powerful new way for product owners to recognize patterns in large scale data.

Sharif also debuted a powerful new feature called Dynamic Prompt. This feature allows users to select one or two queries and give it a prompt on what to do with said queries.

One of his three examples showed how a user can map the user requirements with features along with the extent of the coverage. It returned the following results.

UI showing Copilot4DevOps Plus and the results of its Dynamic Prompt capabilities on Azure DevOps.
How managers can map CRM features and their user requirements in a few clicks.

Sharif shared the example of a client who used to do a similar task in two months and instead was now doing it in a couple of days.

Finally, he teased even more exciting features coming in the upcoming months for Copilot4DevOps Plus.

3. Work Item Management for the Future

Modern Requirements is now a leader in work item and requirements management. This webinar demonstrated how AI integrates into an employee’s workflow in Azure DevOps and can make them happier and more productive. With continuous and innovative updates and powerful features like Dynamic Prompts, Pseudocode, and Test Scripts; Copilot4DevOps continues to set the standard for DevOps.

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